End of year, plenty of needle felted pet portrait commissions

Wow, what an end to 2021, Happy New Year everyone!
November and December for me is usually spent 24 hours needle felting a variety of pet portrait commissions, keeping stock topped up in my Etsy shop, selling at  Christmas fairs and teaching needle felted workshops; it was hectic!

Ive had some gorgeous pet portrait commissions recently, one in particular was for a dog Ive always wanted the excuse to make; a Vizsla!
The lovely Emma at Pitfield Barn Flowers commissioned me to make Ringo, a truly stunning Vizsla that her son owns. Ringo has his own instagram page so do check him out!

Many of the commissions tend to be for gifts at this time of year, these two special ones both went overseas to the USA and as usually as I packed each one off it was very difficult to say goodbye.

I also got to make a few miniature pet commissions, I love making these as they are small and fit perfectly in the palm of the hand or in a pocket and give a snippet of the pets character.

I loved making some new breeds that Ive yet to have a go at including this cute Husky.... they are such beautiful dogs!

I plan on making some new miniatures for my shop and adding a couple of larger full bodied animals...its just making that decision of what to make, too many choices!
Hope you have a great start to the year and fingers crossed for a very healthy and happy 2022!



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