Buddy - latest needle felted Jack Russell commission

I love my job! I mean how could I not when I get to make such cute commissions as this!
This is Buddy, a black and white Jack Russel. He was the brother of dear little Lulu a commission from a few weeks back (read about it here). 
I love it when a client comes back and requests a new piece of work especially when there’s a story behind it; makes all the more special.

Buddy was a gorgeous looking Jack Russell with some beautiful markings, I don’t get to make them that often especially with black markings; they usually have tan or brown patches.
Jack Russells look so mischievous, with there long pointy noises and not so sweet innocent eyes, just adorable!

I’m loving that now Ive found these initialled tags I can personalise them even more, so do get in contact if you have a special pet portrait request waiting in the wings as my books are still open to commissions!




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