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Needle felting workshops and Christmas fairs, its good to be back!

After such a long time not teaching or selling face to face it was good to be back at it at the end of 2021. Visibly seeing the reactions of people when holding your work, the conversations we were able to have and the sheer joy in actually meeting with people was so good and so missed. I was absolutely thrilled to be selling my work once again at the Lewes Artist and Makers Fair , its always an honour to be accepted as you know that your work is very much appreciated by those that attend the event. I’m hoping that we will be able to carry on selling at such venues during 2022 as I really did miss it through the pandemic. Another thing to appreciate was to finally start teaching face to face again (all socially distanced of course!) Teaching online back in April and June with the Creative Craft Show team was a great way to try and continue with the workshops and something too look into more in the future;  but getting back to in person teaching like I did for the Brighton Museums Heri

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