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felted butterflies from scraps of wool!

These colourful needle felted butterflies are crafted from the tiniest bits of wool scraps I had collected, leftover from previous projects. Like many creative people, I struggle to throw away anything that may be 'useful' one day. Im sure there are many of us out there that have cupboards full to the brim with just said items... the 'cupboard of doom'!

I was determined to use every bit of wool scrap in the bag, blending colours together. The first thing to do was to group the colours to see what I had, and whether it was possible to create at least one set of wings. Once the colour match was decided I needle felted the wool to create the wings for each butterfly....

...then using more scraps of contrasting wool I made the head, thorax and abdomen of the butterfly. For the detail and to create pattern on the wings I used some embroidery thread that I had received years ago from a kind old lady, yes a full shoebox of them hidden in the 'cupboard of doom'! Each …

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