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Monsieur Rat, the art cupboard artist….Latest needle felted commission!

May I introduce you to Monsieur Rat, my latest whimsical needle felted commission that I might have gone a little too far on his accessories! I was asked to create a rat for the client who wanted a unique gift for her colleague who was leaving as head of the art department at the school she worked. There’s a story behind why this little rat is so special, he would break in to their art cupboard at the school and scurry away, nibble at and make quite a mess with the art materials. I loved this story, I imagined a whole story of his life becoming a famous artist living in a Parisian underground metropolis…. that then led me to take take it a little further and have some fun with his clothes … I absolutely loved the Disney film Ratatouille  and I think you can say it may have been a bit of an influence. Even before finishing his facial details I couldn't help myself but get started on his artists smock…. I used these images of a french style smock as reference using some old canvas m

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