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Needle Felted Valentine hedgehog, cuteness in a ball of love!

This week I felt the urge to create something needle felted for Valentines Day, I had made a hedgehog brooch last week which gave me the inspiration to craft these very cute little kawaii hedgehogs. I started making a couple which then led to two more..... 

....each one had such a unique character about them that I couldn't stop making them. They are perfect in size, sitting in the palm of your hand giving you an adorable loving look. I don't know about you but when I make all my needle felted animals they seem to come alive which then gave me the idea to create a short stop motion animation film with them.

The little film shows a lonely little hedgehog feeling sad without any friends, then gradually a few other hedgehogs approach him, befriending him,  making him feel loved and not alone....

...thats where the heart idea on the tummy came to fruition. Ive added the video to my YouTube channel so do go take a look, its short but ever so cute!

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