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New Year, new day ...easing my way back into work.

Getting back to work after the holidays can be quite tricky especially after a very hectic end to 2018. I have been working on a really big needle felting project which will all be revealed at some point this year so going back to work after a very much needed rest was always going to be quite tough. The easiest way to tempt me back is probably creating something I love to make and not too complicated, hence the animal brooches. They have been very popular last year selling privately, online and at the IO Gallery here in Brighton.

I seem to get a lot of orders for various dogs so after making a few to warm up I thought it would be fun to try something different..... ....a swan! I absolutely loved making this one, they are so beautiful and elegant to look at which then led me on to having a bit more fun with my creativity..... adding a crown.

Oh the possibilities are endless, I think I might have found a new love with needle felting! All the above brooches can be found in my Ets…

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