Spring is bouncing along.

It has been the most wonderous week here, especially just befor half term. I managed to spend days on my own digging for England on the allotment Ah! Bliss.
I can now say that I am not ashamed of it and that its amazing what a few days can do to change what was a rather overgrown allotment into a haven of paradise! (maybe thats a bit extreme, but when you hear those birds chatting away and Mr Robin comes to say hello, the sun shining and worms big and juicy wiggling through freshly dug soil - yep, paradise!)

The photo's above are of some snowdrops that grow in my garden - can anyone help me as they are really long! Is this possible or have I a rare breed growing here?!

Its lovely when they flower as I know that spring is on its way. I am a person who loves every season, winter does not get me down and I have to say Autumn is my favourite. Does anyone share my theory that what ever season is your fav usually tends to be around the time of year you were born? JP loves spring - he was a May baby, I love Atumn and I was an October baby!

As its been half term I have been doing things that the boys wanted to get up to - Our first day was a visit to our favourite (mmm, using that word too much in this post!) town - Lewes and of course Lewes Castle. We have a free years pass so great in my books! But you can't go to Lewes without coming home empty handed, such gorgeous shops. Hence my little birdy! They had lots of brown and grey ones, but this little lady was the one!

Anyway, less dribble, just a quick peek of my winter display on the mantle, can't get rid of it!

Must go and get some cookies out of the oven - boys eat so much!


willow said…
Hi, thanks for visiting my blog.

I agree with your theory that our favourite seasons are connected to our birthdates. Spring is my favourite (March birthday), I just love the newness of it all, and my husband (August birthday) enjoys the heat of summer while I search out the shade.
Ragged Roses said…
I love Autumn too (september baby) but I do love spring and summer as well, M says it's just cos I'm so fickle! Love those snowdrops. Now you must tell me where the bird came from, I didn't see those last week
the homely year said…
Hi, Noreen's birthday is October and she likes autumn best. Mine is August and I prefer late spring and summer...so maybe there's something in your theory. I'm going to ask my friends.
Lovely photos of the snowdrops...We have some very tall ones in the garden that my sister gave me...I'm sure that they're just a different variety, but don't know the name.
Margaret and Noreen
cd&m said…
Gorgeous snowdrops!Can never have a fav season as I'm usually only to ready to welcome the change of the next one.
the flour loft said…
Spring is my favourite...new growth, hope and rebirth.(such a hippy, i know!) My birthday is in the winter (often with snow). I find Winter difficult as i'm not good with the cold and the lack of light often contributes to a low mood.I would be fine if i could hibernate and awake in the Spring. I love your last photo from your winter display, stunning!
Hope you are 'milking' mother's day and being spoilt.
Jane said…
The snowdrops are in fact snowflakes -a different species that thrives in damp ground - their botanical name is Leucojum. There is a great variety called Gravetye giant which was bred at Gravetye Manor in late C19th - it flowers later and is about 14" tall. I think these are the earlier shorter variety - they are beautiful.
From a cut flower point of view they last longer in a vase than snowdrops do.
Jane said…
Actually - looking again at your top photo I may be wrong and they may not be snowflakes at all - I think snowflakes don't have petals which are as divided - so they may just be large snowdrops - whatever they are they are lovely,
Garden girl said…
Glad to see someone else has been hard at it at their allotment!! Lovely snowdrops. I hate to go against the grain but I was a May baby but I do love the autumn. What I hate is rain- and it's on its way here, apparently!x
Suzie Sews said…
beautiful snow drops...

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