Snow deep in sewing!

Yes, we finally got some snow! YIPEEE!
Out came my childhood sledge, 30 odd years old! Dusted down and presented to the boys. Perfect! The only problem, one wet cold boy, one grumpy sledge puller (my eldest on the way home) led to one poor mummy with a very soar back. I spent the rest of the day with a hot water bottle strapped to my lower back wincing at every move! It was worth it. And as you can see we made a snow cat - which gives you a clue to a little surprise we are getting in early May!

As you may have noticed I have been some what slack in the posting department - May Festival is the time for Open Houses down here and I have a lot to do. But, I have had the most amazing gifts in the post. I while back I won TWO giveaways! Above the lovely Tricia at Raindrops on Roses sent a MASSIVE box full of goodies - It took my forever to open each bundle, fabric, trimmings, petals and all this gorgeous bath and soap delights! Thankyou x

Then the next parcel arrived from Ginny at The Flour Loft. Again I have been spoilt rotten, so many green and yellow delights that I can have so much fun with. I can't wait to get stuck in. Just look at these cotton reels, so pretty together. Thankyou again x

Anyway, must get on, hope you all enjoyed the snow, we most certainly did!x


Ragged Roses said…
You've been busy and having lots of fun too. Blakers looks wonderful, didn't see you sledging down the hill though! We thought it might happen again today but nothing really. How's Tom Cat, our snow lady has lost her head!
willow said…
The snow was wonderful while it lasted, you sound as if you made the most of it!
Now its back to spring sunshine which I think I prefer.
Tina said…
Wow what amazing goodies, and the snow kitten is just adorable!
Take care. x
ginny said…
What handsome boys you have!.. you all look like you had great snowy fun.
Nice hat too.
Anonymous said…
I bet your children enjoyed sledging, but sorry about your bad back. Hope it's better now!
Margaret and Noreen
Raindrops said…
Glad you are pleased with the goodies. Look forward to seeing what you make Tricia
cd&m said…
Looks like you guys really did have wonderful fun.
Ragged Roses said…
Yep you're right, that's sloe gin blossom!! Things looking good for our Autumn harvest!

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