Can you tell why I have not been blogging for a month!

We have a new baby.......''My name is Jam Jam Spotty!''

May is Open House season here in Brighton, so I have been sewing and here is the final display. It has been on for 2 weekends so far, so please come over to have a gander. Lots to see and buy of course!

Its on for 2 more weekends and it would be lovely to meet those faces that fit the names! You can find me here!

Kim and her gorgeous family (yes M, even with the rugged look!) came to the private view. So lovely to see them and catch up, I hope I was the hostess with the most-ess! I can sigh a huge relief as it winds down, but start fretting to arrange MY WEDDING!

More will be revealed.

Have a fun filled hot week everyone!


Ragged Roses said…
Hello!!! Jam Jam Spotty is just as I imagined, well maybe even lovelier! She is gorgeous. You know where to come if ever you need any cat sitters! Your work looked beautiful on Friday Emma, you deserve to do very well. Thanks for inviting us along we all had lots of fun. Mr Ragged Roses is now less rugged, he finally relented and is back to normal. funnily enough I didn't even notice!
We need lots and lots of wedding talk!!!
Love to Jam Jam spotty for me
Ragged Roses said…
Little Sister - "She is very, very cute and I want her!"

Big Sister - "She's absolutely gorgeous, can she come and live with us?"
I have been trying to talk my hubby into having a kitten - she is lovely - your work looks lovely too - wish I was nearer. Look forward to reading more of your wedding plans - Natalie x
the flour loft said…
Hi Emma,
Hope you have a great open studio...wish i lived a bit nearer i'd love to pop by. Your display looks lovely.
Well Jam Jam Spotty.... you are too cute... i would have a cats tomorrow if it wasn't that R is allergic.
Thanks also for your comment about the book... it is so exciting now. I will put you down for a copy...signed? heehee
I am so glad you have used some of the fabric scraps. too... i look forward to seeing what you have created.
Have a fab week with lots of sales!!
love ginny x
the homely year said…
What a cute kitten! And gorgeous sewing...it all looks very pretty.
Margaret and Noreen
Rose Vintage said…
Some lovely things Emma and some really beautiful colours..Hope that it all goes well. Love the name of your kit!

Hello Emma... It is high time that I popped over and introduced myself. I heard about you from dear Kim and I noticed that you are exhibiting at the Open Houses... I hope to be able to come and see your beautiful work and say hello in the flesh!! (with clothes on) on Saturday.

As for your truly truly scrumptious kitten... we have space here if you ever tire of her.. just don't tell my Pickles tabby cat.. He will start packing his case straight away.

Connie said…
What a sweet kitten! AND I love the sunny mediterranean yellow color of your walls.......
Nice to meet you,
katie said…
good luck with the open studios - the Northumberland version (Art Tour) starts in 2 weeks - getting ready for it - it always rains! does it for you?
Hello Emma
It was such a pleasure to meet you on Saturday and the brief time that we spent at your delightful exhibition seemed to flash before my eyes.. I was running on nerves and felt like a headless chicken.. so much to see!
Your little boy is gorgeous!
I hope the weekend went well for you and hope to see you at the next event in December.
Hi Emma, I love cats and Jam Jam Spotty kitten is so sweet. I am glad to have given you the idea of making flapjack, we started off with nine pieces, there are now four! Good luck with the Open House, I may hopefully get to the one in December. x
alison said…
How cute is that kitten!
Have just discovered you via a friend who puchased a couple of your flower pins recently.
I lived in Brighton for several years before moving here and I have to say that the festival is one of the things that I REALLY miss. Your display looks so pretty. Hope it was a HUGE success.

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