My View, my cat, my boy!

I was recently tagged by the lovely Steph of Curlew Country to show the view from my kitchen window, so here it is......

Considering I live in a city, I am very lucky to have a garden of this size. Its a pity we have neighbours as my heart is in the country, but I do look out of the kitchen window, take a breath of the sweet smelling honeysuckle scent and whisk my imagination off to a green green pasture, trickling stream and acres of veg, flowers and pigs!
The climbing rose is looking magnificent this year, I reckon my care and attention thanks to the yummy Monty (I am heart broken by his illness, hope he recovers back to full health) has really helped it this year.

Anyway, here are the first pictures of our dear little Jam Jam on her maiden exploration. I have forgotten how cute kittens are chasing bugs and chasing imaginary mice through vast forests of shrubs. Her face was a picture when she realised that she was allowed to venture out, mouth open, tongue hanging out smelling all the weird and wonderful smells!

Oh, what was that in the bushes?!

As for my little boy, well, here he is with face adorned with paint as....... ARIEL from The Little Mermaid!

Its his favourite film at the moment and would do anything to be in the stage show version. Bless!

Oh, I need to tag 3 peeps, so here they are, lets see your views from your kitchen ladies....

Lavender House
Vintage Heaven
Vintage Pretty & Shabby


I just wanted to comment on the unusual markings on your cat's body. You have a pretty garden.
Hello Emma...
Monty would be proud of you ... your garden looks pretty as a picture..
and as for that gorgeous boy of yours..He too has lovely markings.. and I am not talking about Jam Jam spotty.. though she is the cat's whiskers!

P.s Hope all is going well in the world of arts & crafts !? I am looking forward to my visit in Dec.. ages away!
Ragged Roses said…
Thank you for the Jam Jam Spotty update! She's really grown in the past couple of weeks, I think Little Sis needs to see her fast! Your garden looks lovely, Monty would be very proud. And as for your scrummy little boy, tell him I think he's delicious!
Have you recovered from your swim? I'm still limping, but I've found the hairbrush!
lavenderhouse said…
Hi Emma

I loved your pictures too and thank you so much for tagging me. Yes, I agree we will have to meet up in the summer holidays which for us start next friday - yikes!!!!! Perhaps Ragged Roses would like to join in too! The downside to living by the beach is I do get VERY STRESSED about not being indoors to catch up on all the housework - you know if you arent at home the washing machine isnt on etc and because we have very little garden I cannot hang washing out so the tumble drier has to be on all the time and also I cant just let the kids out in to the garden which means I do have to be outside alot (good thing as I enjoy it - bad thing because nothing gets done in the house!) I should let you have a own up picture of our top floor of our house which is about to cave in soon if we dont have a car boot sale. It has been used like a big cupboard and it is very stressful going up there! All the children are at school in Sept (jasper starts reception) so I am holding out until then. I could talk for ages so we must meet up so I we can do that in person!
the homely year said…
I really like your's a very pretty garden. Jamjam seems to agree.
Margaret and Noreen
cd&m said…
Aren't kittens wonderfully entertaining?
Tracy said…
Hello! My first visit here...what a lovely, happy place you have here in blogland! Your garden is terrific...and Jam Jam is adorable (fun name too!...Hope your Monty makes a good recovery, poor sweet. We are proud parents to one gorgeous cat, Charlie. So nice to meet you--I look forward to coming back here :o) Happy weekend to you & yours! gpkgwxij
periwinkle said…
thought I'd pop across from visiting Steph, your back garden is just lovely - I'm very envious . Love the name Jam Jam
lisa x
lavenderhouse said…
You need 5 minutes off to do some blogging!
love emma x
lavenderhouse said…
Two comments in one day - check out Cowboys and Custard's blog. She is talking about doing a blog meet in a village hall with the chance to sell homemade stuff. I would be interested in doing it. Would you like to share a table? I make earrings - I will blog some if it would make you feel safer! - I also stretch to necklaces occasionally. What do you think? I wouldnt mind driving down there. love Emma x
Your kitten & boy...are both adorable!
the flour loft said…
Hope you are having a great Summer Em.
ginny x
Flo said…
Your cat is adorable and your garden is beautiful! Congratulations on your wedding too!


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