Let me introduce you to my husband!

Words just can't say how happy this day was. It was perfect, just how we planned. I love my husband!


Two Crofters said…
congratulations xxx
you look so perfect in that beautiful dress x
You look beautiful!
Well tell us more then!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations and welcome to the lovely rollercoaster of marriage!!!

Loads of love Emma xxxxx
French Knots said…
Many congratulations!
What a beautiful dress, you look wonderful.
Tracy said…
Congratulation...How beautiful and happy you all look! Your dress is a dream...love the pink! Wishing many, many happy years of wedded bliss! ((HUGS))
Ragged Roses said…
It was a perfect day!!! You looked absolutely beautiful! Congratulations to you and your lovely man and your gorgeous boys! Hope you're having a wonderful week Mrs P!!
too much snogging and not enough blogging!!!!!!! love emma xxx
dottycookie said…
Congratulations - it looks like the perfect day!
Isobel said…
Congratulations!! Wish you all the happiness and blessings from above!
the flour loft said…
oh Emma... you look beautiful. love the dress and what three handsome men you have. Sending you HUGE congratulations.
such a lovely post to read.
MaryPoppins said…
Congratulations, you looked radiant, i have been married nearly 10 years and believe me it gets better and better X
driftwood said…
oooh congratulations! wishing you every happiness!
Ragged Roses said…
Mrs P what do you mean those books were of no use!!!!!!! Think what would have happened without them, people might have turned up on the wrong day -tee hee!
Yes there is definitely a whiff of lavender in the air...Kimxxxx
Simone said…
Congratulations! I have come over from Kim at Ragged Roses post. It looks as though you had a wonderful day. It was such a lovely touch that you grew your own flowers for the day. I bet your allotment is/was a wonderful sight with all the flowers. Is there any room for veg?!!!
Fancy Elastic said…
huge congratulations... Gorgeous dress!
It is so heartwarming to share your happiness Emma..
You look so beautiful and I know from a dear mutual friend that it was a perfect day in all respects!

Wishing you many many years of wedded bliss..

with love
Michele x
Elizabethd said…
Came across via Kim. You look lovely, many congratulations.
Garden Girl said…
Many many congratulations to the Happy Couple! You look fabulous in your finery, so glad you had a wonderful day. Here's to many many more.Best wishes to you x
LOUISE said…
Congratulations to you Emma and your whole family. Wishing you lots of lovely happiness together. x
Raindrops said…
Congratulation. You look beautiful
and radiant Tricia
Congratulations Emma! So pleased for you. I love your dress. As I'm planning my own Wedding right now it' lovely to see other Weddings. Wishing you much love and happiness for the future. x
She'sSewPretty said…
I'm visiting from Kim's blog. Congratulations! You make a beautiful bride!
Congratulations to you both!
prettyshabby said…
congratulations..you and your whole family look gorgeous! x
congratulations to you both - you all look so happy
lisa x
twiggypeasticks said…
Huge congratulations, you look lovely and VERY happy :)
Twiggy x
JacquiMcR said…
Can I just say how blissfully happy you look. Best wishes for your fabulous new life together x

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