Fun in May!

May is such a busy month for me that it goes with in a blink of an eye. Exhibiting in the Brighton Open House zaps all my energy and at the end of May I question whether I had seen any of it. Well this year I made an effort.

I decided to take a couple of afternoons off from being at the Open House and actually get out of Brighton and visit a few of the out of town ones.

These pics are from a fantastic venue, The Handmade House in Ditchling. Every item in the house is a piece of artwork ready to be purchased, gazed at and drooled over. There is a little trail in the garden (more like vast acres!, jealous...oh yes!) with strange , weird and wonderful sculptures.

Of course you have to stop for tea and CAKE! MMmmmmmm my fav, cooked cheesecake!

After refreshments were had, we ventured fourth to the John Skelton studios in Streat. What a wonderful place. Jo Sweeting who was one of Johns apprentice has her work here and also teaches classes. I bought Mr Sew Recycled a course in stone carving for his birthday this month and he is loving every minute of it, he comes home cuddling his stone!

These sculptures are in the garden, some were carved in situ as we found out from one of his old apprentice. She said that she remembered when John was alive that in the winter they would put Vaseline on their hands, load up the wheelbarrow with a flask and tools and head off to the garden to work on a piece.... mad and amazing!

My father many years ago used to do a lot of carpentry work on the house and studio, he fondly talks of his little jobs there and its great to see evidence of my fathers craft in such a beautiful place.

Where did this little gate lead to, Mr McGregors garden?

If only this was smell -a-blog! I love old roses, the scent was beautiful.
Well you know Kim and I went to see Anish Kapoors C Curve the other day, I took the boys and Mr SewRecycled to see it the other evening.

Such a contrast to the daytime pics.....

The atmosphere was very lovely too, we took a blanket and a flask of hot chocolate, many people were there with bottles of wine and simply taking the whole experience in.....

We stayed and watched the sun go down.........

As we walked back down the hill the sculpture took on a whole new identity....... the boys were convinced aliens had landed!

Now all you keen gardeners have been showing off their gorgeous poppies, well take a look at these!

They are huge, bigger than my two hands cupped together,

The centers are really amazing as well........

Imagine being a busy little bee in this huge pollen world.............................

Today we heard on the grapevine that there was an Open House opening for an extra week, so with maps and crayons (in a fine crayon wrap if I might say so!) and tummy's ready for cakes we st of to The Old Forge in South Heighton.

If you love views, great art, sculptures and gardens go go go and see this place

The lounge has this massive window which just makes your jaw drop at the view, the picture below does not do it justice!

Amongst the various little garden hideaways were sculptures and perfect little places to have tea and cake......

In one section even the chickens have a beautiful place to call home, look at the roof!
Christian Funnell is so talented, each roof tile is a unique metal scallop shell, I wouldn't mind having a little roost in there!

Oh look, another place to sit and munch on a homemade scone WITH clotted cream! (A very happy Mr Sew Recycled!)

An image straight out of Country Living!
So, hope you have enjoyed my May, I have certainly! Bring on June!


Lavender hearts said…
Yes indeed, roll on June! May is the WORST time of year for me. I really don't stop now until July so I look forward to July more than anything!

I went round quite a few of the open houses. I wonder if I came to yours? :-)
lucyslounge-dee said…
it looks lovely i'll go next year
meplusmolly said…
Oooo hello!
What a fab post, love seeing the open house trails and always interesting to see it through someone elses eyes too. Loving all the fantastic stone sculpture/carving.
That Anish Kapoor piece looks amazing too! ;0 x
Floss said…
That must have been a May well worth paying attention to! Thanks for your lovely photos, and for letting us know all about it.
Ragged Roses said…
May has been lovely round these parts hasn't it?! Gorgeous photos Emma, wish I got to see the C Curve at night too, how different it looks to when we visited.
We didn't get to visit the Open House today as we went rockpooling (far too hot) and the girls are now having a water fight ... Let's hope June is even better! Take care, look after that hip!
Ragged Roses said…
Oh goodies!!!! Not only do I get to dress like Miss Marple I get to be called Rosemary too (and it does go so well with garlic ...)
Just about to have a cuppa in the garden, hope you're having one too
Anonymous said…
What a fantastic day you had ( or couple of days). Bet your glad you got out of the town for awhile.
parisa said…
What a beautiful photos!!!
Fabric Nation said…
Lovely days out. Newhaven Arts trail looks wonderful, all the more as its all accessible by public transport, but a pity its just for May. I'll have to look out for it next year. Here's to more days out over the summer.
CindyCB said…
I always enjoy looking at your lovely pics, you should blog more so I can nose more :) Cindy.x
Tracy x said…
fantastic pictures - it makes me realise how much i am missing now i have moved :(
t x
Olga said…
These photos are just lovely! Beautiful blog! :) please drop by mine too! :)
Tara said…
Hiya, those photos at sunset are stunning! Hope all's well with you. I've tagged you (good way to spread the word), but it's looong so feel free to ignore! x

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