The fruits of my labour.

At certain times of the year I often ask myself "Why?"

Why do I spend hours weeding, digging, yanking up roots of brambles.....

Stand in wind, rain, hail, hot hot heat...... battle with snails, slugs, rabbits, magpies, pigeons...

....and then Autumn comes!

I am rewarded!

Runner beans and French beans coming out of my ears!

....a bad year for courgettes but oh so sweet and tasty! No courgette and chocolate cake this year, I will survive!

The best Squashes I have ever grown, sitting in the sun on the garden table hardening up, so pretty to look at, jewels of delight!

3 years ago I grew flowers for our wedding at the allotment, something I have done every year now. Each time I come home from working hard up there I bring home the biggest bouquet to fill the house, a wonderful reminder of a gorgeous day!

So yes, Why?
I'll tell you exactly why.
I may toil with the pigeons but I have so many little wildlife friends who sing to me and hop along to say hello.
I may live in a city but at the allotment I am transported to the countryside.
I don't have to pay for a gym where you sweat amongst other sweaty grumpy people stuck in a dark noisy room!
And as I write this, I can come home and eat a lovely lunch of steamed veggies on homemade bread feeling refreshed, happy and utterly smug!


those pictures are fab, so bright and beautiful. almost makes me want to head out into the garden, and then i remember, if i do the kids might try digging up the rabbit again to see its bones!
Isobel said…
So amazing!! I wish we had the time here to grow our own stuff. Well, I wish Hubby had the time as I am NOT a green finger whatsoever!
The fruits of your labour are sure to always bring happiness to you. xx
Your allotment certainly did better than our garden this year. Beans and a cucumber. The toms are ripening but only 2 bigboy beefs, quite a few cherry toms though. Sweet corn never grew properly, carrots and parsnips all eaten and cabbages destroyed by slugs even though we pelleted and salted and caged off. Been a bad year in our garden this year. X
Ruth said…
Your table looks like a harvest festival display - fantastic! Your hard work really paid off. I got lots of courgettes and raspberries but my squash plants are only just budding - who knows what they are doing but producing any squash is not it! I am envious of your lovely pumpkins! I love gardening and growing your own - it is therapeutic to be out in the fresh air and so satisfying to pick and eat. And as you say - who need the gym!
nellie dean said…
You should feel so proud of yourself! You might have even inspired me to dig over our weed infested veg patch. Maybe.
tea with hazel said…
what jewels you have produced..such colour and bounty ..that's happiness..:)
nice harvest. im up to my ears in tomatoes in my garden.
So much sunshine in all your produce. I love orange, it just fills you with a smile,

Sarah x
Ragged Roses said…
You don't need Provence with all your gorgeous home produce, you have it on your doorstep! Beautiful! x
I admire you producing all that harvest yourself. I love to have fresh produce from the garden but have very little interest is doing it myself. Hubby does all the work, with a little suggestion here and there from me. We had lots of courgettes which we've never grown before so I'm hoping to make a cake from some this weekend.
Teresa x
What beautiful photos! Your vegetables are super-impressive! And I bet they'll taste EVEN better than they look, too!!!

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