The Rainbow Surprise!

October is the start of the Birthday season in this family.
Yesterday was my baby boys 8th Birthday! 8, how did that happen?
I love surprising the boys and after seeing all the gorgeous rainbow cakes on Pinterest I knew exactly what cake to make for him this year!

Its such an easy cake to bake, a plain vanilla sponge with colour! The best bit about it is you can make them any time and pop a layer in the freezer ready for when you need them. Perfect for the secret squirrel and just warm them up in the oven after defrosting to give them that just baked taste!
They looked so gorgeous cooling in the sun!

Now im sure Mary Berry would not be impressed with me slicing the ridges off the tops of my well risen cakes, but hey...the chef has got to have some perks! nom nom...*wipes blue crumbs away from the corner of my mouth*

I whipped a butter cream and cream cheese filling together to sandwich between each perfectly flat layer, pressing them down firmly to make sure they don't go for a slide!
Six glorious colourful layers certainly make a towering cake!

Now for the scary bit! I made a similar icing as the filling but with slightly more icing sugar for the exterior of the cake.

I wanted to keep it simple seeing as the interior was going to steal the limelight!
A really good tip is to use a palette knife when smoothing the icing on the cake and every now and then dip it in a cup of boiling water, it helps the icing to stay on the cake, not the knife!

All was needed to finish it off was a few smarties and ribbon.....

So, balloons are ready......

Bunting is hung..........

.....and more bunting!

Let the party begin!

The candles were ready too.....

But these were no ordinary candles, oh no......
They were special rainbow flamed candles! Lots of oooos and ahhhhhhs!
Then the cake was cut..........

....and the surprise was revealed!
His face was a perfect picture, he had no idea about the cake and was completely shocked!

After all the party food I was surprised that they all wanted a slice!

In fact, quite a few slices were consumed.....

....and a few crumbs remain!
A rainbow surprise of success!


Anonymous said…
wowee....!! I love the look of these pretty cakes :)
Oh wow, they're absolutely amazing! It's my son's 4th birthday next week and I always make his cake, but not sure I could manage this in time! Vic x
Simply H said…
Wow! Now that is what I call a cake! I especially liked your tip on freezing the layers - I am going to have to try this one!
Anonymous said…
Now that is a really cool cake and a good way to use all the colors you have left in the pack of food coloring you were forced to buy to make red velvet cake when they were out of bottles of just red. :) B.
Wow - I wasn't expecting such bright colours inside the cake!! No wonder your son was surprised knowing nothing about it beforehand.
Teresa x
sensational cake! towering stipes of spongey colour, yum!

Sarah x
Juanita said…
Incredibly cool cake!
What a wonderful surprise!

Looking at the remaining (is it, or not>) piece of cake the rainbow
effect really works, congratulations.

ginny said…
fab! xxxx
Anonymous said…
Rainbow cake may just be my favourite thing in the world =D I'm genuinely considering it for my wedding cake next year, or at least red velvet! =)
What a simple and great idea for a cake - and looks very yummy
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ha,ha,, I was about to say WOW... I think that might be the official name for this cake. Love the smarties!

Lorraine xx
Just wanted to let you know that I made this in the end and it was yummy! Blogged about it too!
Moobaacluck said…
How fantastic! x

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