Snotty noses and brisk country walks!

Like these poor old pumpkins we have been rather snotty in this house!

So what better way to clear the head than to go out for a brisk walk.
We are very lucky where we live to be surrounded by the most beautiful Sussex countryside.

One of our favourite walks is through the woods.....

Some of the trees are vast in size, strange shapes, curves and leans.
Paths leading off to secret areas.....

Emerging into open spaces with breathtaking views.

The route we take goes through the gorgeous little Stanmer Village with its sweet church and houses with little tiny porches.
We used to stop off at the village cafe for a cuppa but this year I received the best Birthday pressie ever!
Its a Kelly Kettle! No more stewed flask tea, just a lovely fresh cuppa!
I cant wait to go on more walks, especially on a cold day.

There are benches dotted around made from fallen trees with lovely carvings aged over the years by the rain, wind, sun and snow.

Mr Foxy Loxy looked so sweet even with the fungi growing out of him!

I must admit this was a walk we had in October, hence the stunning blue sky and lush green grass, but we did do the same walk yesterday and its still just as beautiful.

Sometimes I wonder what it must be like to be a bird or a little dormouse....

...scurrying down the track......

I love this view, so pretty yet timeless.

So its back up through the 'War Woods' (the boys always have sticks for guns and imagine they are in the war!)

Past the hedges filled with berries, seeds and nuts for the winter...

When you look back just at the top of the hill you can see the most stunning sight....

...and home to a beautiful sunset.



Janice Ashworth said…
Great tree photos
Thank you for taking us on your walk. It looks a lot like our area too with the woods, country lanes and church spires. Great photos!
Teresa x

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