My Week

A Sussex Country walk....

...too Ditchling.

Discovering just how beautiful grasses are.....

....with names like Timothy! (just seen at the bottom of the picture)

Wild roses.....

...picked Elderflower.... make cordial.

Bargain buys of Strawberries....

....perfect for Strawberry Conserve.

A trip to the garden centre ......

...and bought my first David Austin rose, the gorgeous Generous Gardener.

Finally seeing some sun and smelling the honeysuckle.
I would like to say that even though the pictures are telling a glorious week it has been a tough week too. I found out this week that my father has lost sight in one eye, very hard when painting is his one joy at the age of 80. 
Working and trying to keep a home and family life happy and structured is difficult at any time so giving yourself a moment to enjoy nature at its best is good for the heart, believe me!


Ally said…
Keeping a work/life balance is difficult. Personally I'd like to drop the 'work' part then I'd be a happy bunny! Sorry to hear about your dad. Looks like you've had a beautiful week.
Lovely walk...been improving hasn't it? So sorry about your Father, some things really are too trying. Hope you are all bearing up,

Sarah -x-

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