Dancing cats, quiet streets it can only mean a Snow Day!

 Yes I did say dancing cat but actually he was chasing snow balls!
This is my neighbours cat 'Whisky' who took advantage of a chance to have extra play time.

It looks like he is dancing! Great catcher of snowballs!

Well as you can see we got the snow as predicted although it started in the morning rather than lunchtime.
The boys went off to school rather grumpily.....

...but by 11am judging by the snow on the flowerpots I reckoned that they would be hoe pretty soon!
Yep, 12 o'clock and I had a hoard of chirpy boys bombarding the home with snowy boots and very cold wet toes!

After a few hours of drying and watching the snow just keep on coming down ....

....we headed off for a walk up the hill....

...through enchanting snowy wonderlands.....

....to reach the perfect sledging spot!
When ever it snows here I always think this looks like a scene from a Lowry painting.

 We do love the snow, its a time to relax, take it easy and spend quality time with the children.

 Today there will be no snow falling but they are saying we will get more on Sunday, this snow is so thick and frozen already imagine what it will look like on Sunday evening!

School on Monday?.....

...hope not!

Enjoy and stay warm x


looks like great fun, my cat won't even entertain the idea of going outside
No snow here in France......the kids are very disappointed. Love the dancing cat! Shelley
Hot Fudge said…
Having survived the hottest day on record here in Sydney Australia a couple of days ago, it is so refreshing to look at your beautiful images. Love the cat!
yo-yo said…
those cat photos are crazy!!
Andrea Mynard said…
Lovely pics! Especially the dancing cat. Just heard school closed tomorrow and can't help thinking, "yippee, more sledging!"

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