Sunday, August 25, 2013

Four have fun in the West Country!

At last we got to spend some time away after a horrendous 2 weeks of being rather ill (Im not a fan of being stuck in bed) and working to deadlines.
For a few days I took the boys off for a local camping expedition with my sisters.

 We woke to the most glorious view!

Drank plenty of tea, well I did seeing as i was on yet another 10 day dose of antibiotics.

Evenings were spent playing around with the long exposure on the camera......

...and playing silly games like 'Just a minute' in the tent, surprisingly fun with little children!
Just what the Doctor should have ordered!

 Then a day at home frantically washing clothes ready for our big trip down to Devon to visit family......

...this was our room for the week!

We had the obligatory visit to Dartmouth....

....catching the little ferry to the town.

Again, I was a little nervous for the boys but how wrong was I!

We visited Sugary Cove and brought home many stripy stones to add to our collection, dipped our toes in the sea as we hunted amongst the rock pools for sea life.

Another day was spent walking the lovely coastal area of Beesands, in total awe of the amazing rocks which have been sculptured by the crashing waves over the years.

Such stunning patterns and textures that nature creates.....

...and scale.....


Quality time was spent with my Father inlaw, Jane and Polly....

...baking cakes and licking bowls!

Fish and chips, ice creams, courgettes and runner beans were consumed all week.....
.....toes were covered in sand and the good clear country air was sucked in!
The sun was on our side for a gorgeous day at Bantham Beach, perfect place for children.

After a glorious few days spent with close family we headed home via Somerset to stay a couple of nights with old friends.

Evenings spent chatting, catching up and cooking Dampers on an open fire whilst the sun set.....

... the boys got to be boys, messing about in our friends paddock, putting up an old Army tent......

...and enjoying the view.
Back home now to a huge pile of washing and an ever increasing pile of deadlines!

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Melksham Mum said...

Looks absolutely perfect and sounds like my kind of getaways. I love Bantham Beach and camping with the kids is just fab. Great pics btw x


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