The world of PomPoms!

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The world of Pompoms has just exploded in a good way!
If you just type the word pompom into Google you are transported to a abundance of pictures, tutorials and posts about the not so humble round wooly ball!  

With the lead up to the The Handmade Fair held at Hampton Court Palace last weekend, the hashtag #WorldPomination was created by Kirstie Allsopp.

The word Pom-Pom derived from the French word Pompon, which refers to a small decorative ball made of fabric or feathers.
I know we see cheerleaders use them and we attach them to clothes but where did the pom pom begin its life, who invented it and for what purpose?

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We all remember our childhood days sat on a rainy Sunday with two cardboard rings entwined with mums leftover wool, cursing the hole as it got too small to push the ball of wool through!

Now it seems that there are many ways to make a pompom, who would have thought a simple fork would make the round fluffy friend we all love?!

With so many other different pompom gadgets on the high-street I was lucky enough to use one from Multipom in my latest tried and tested article for Making Magazine!

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My brief for the article was to create warm autumnal scarf using the Multipom kit. With its clear and very helpful instructions the process was smooth yet still fun.
If like me you found the cardboard rings of ye olde days irritating and time consuming, the Multipom dispels all those in a puff! (a fluffy puff!)

Oh my, how addictive was this kit, you can make so many pompoms in such a short space of time, perfect for so many other useful and fun projects.

Source :Making Magazine Issue 52

To see my article with the tutorial, buy this months Useful & Beautiful Issue 52 of Making Magazine and get yourself a kit, join in on the #WorldPomination bandwagon!


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