New needle felted animals and birds!

Meet Pete the Pigeon...
After watching a pigeon stealing the seeds from bird feeder in my garden the other day I noticed that the garden variety were a lot more handsome than the rather ugly city type!

I named him Pete and imagined what life he lead, swooping from one garden to another, wondering if he ever visited fellow pigeons further down the road in the city!

So Pete needed to be made and I thoroughly enjoyed each process.

Talking of process, I do find it useful to record the stages when creating a needle felted item whether its sketching an idea or researching through pictures on the internet.

Ive got plans for these bears which at the moment are still in the early stages but the characters evolved as soon as I started adding the details to their faces.

By adding a few extra refinements such as accessories they have really become their own little souls.... please let me introduce Bruce and Fergus!

Bruce and Fergus along with Pete the Pigeon and all my other needle felted animals are in an exhibition as part of the Brighton May Open Houses.

Please pop along, say hello and if you come this Sunday 15th May at 5.30pm I will be hosting a short  talk and demonstration about needle felting.

13 artists at 202
202 Ditching Road


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