A summer of mixed emotions...you may need a few tissues.

 Im sat here with a strong coffee and a naughty chocolate biscuit ready to write possibly the hardest post I have ever written. I won't lie, I am already welling up and I'm a tough nut usually!

This summer has been one of very mixed emotions as the title hints, full of frustrations, despair, utter joy and complete sadness.....

...tissues ready?

For the whole of June and July my father was in hospital, my last post "Treading Water" explained about his Lewy body Dementia and the frustrations of not being able to help him. We spent 9 weeks trying to find a suitable nursing home that a) could look after him with his type of dementia b) find one that had a space c) that we could afford even with funding!

It was a tough 9 weeks for both my father and us which was not easy.

We also had a wedding to plan for my little sister and her lovely finance.

We found a care home the week before the wedding knowing that my father would possibly not be able to attend, my sister who lives in Australia arrived with all my nieces and nephew then it all started to go so wrong.

My poor father was very very ill after only a few days in the care home, it was a rush to the hospital with blue flashing lights, two days before the wedding.

My amazing brother stayed by dads bedside during the day of the wedding which was so beautiful, I am so proud of my little sister and new hubby, they held it together so well.

I took them to see dad in the hospital all dressed in their wedding outfits, something my sister was determined for him to see and to make sure he was part of their special day. We stopped at the top of the South Downs on the way back to take some photos and to make the most of such a beautiful evening.

sorry, tears are running down my cheeks......

We had planned to spend the following week all together camping near by as part of their honeymoon, after being told by the doctors that  they could not do anymore for my father we stuck to to our plans, taking turns to be by his bedside.....

...after a long week my dear, gorgeous, loveable dad passed away peacefully holding mine and our mothers hand listening to Nat King Cole. 

We were all there for him, all six of his children, his brother, his sister, his son inlaws.
He was a great man.

An artist, a joiner, a family man, a friend to so many.

We held a beautiful funeral and burial at the foot of the Sussex Downs....

...a place so close to his heart.

His illness brought us together, to spend quality time together, stronger for the next few months ahead.

Last Saturday, my mother and sister walked in memory of dad on the Alzheimers Memory Walk, for all those who have been touched by all forms of dementia.  They have raised so much money between them and from all the lovely friends and family who donated money at his funeral which was sent to the Alzheimers Research UK .

Its a cruel disease which I hope as a family we managed to make it smoother for dad to cope with. I am forever grateful for the special times with my father, the memories, the stories and his pure love for life.

We  miss you dad but you will always be with us x

If you would like to donate to any of the charities I have mentioned above, please click on the links.
Thank you x


Liz said…
Emma - so sad to hear about this, but it looks like you gave your dad a loving departure and that's as much as we can do. I also walked for Alzheimer's at Painshill Park in memory of my lovely former mum in law who we lost this year in very similar circumstance.
I am keeping watch on your page and looking forward to coming on another course next year. regards Liz de Cruz

Unknown said…
Lump in throat time. What an amazing, compassionate, faithful and loving family. Love & hugs to you, Emma and to all your family.
Linda Walker said…
I am so very sorry for your loss. It is nice that your sister was able to include your dad in her wedding day. How special for them....He was blessed to have such a loving family. Sending hugs,
Emma Herian said…
Thank you Linda x
Emma Herian said…
Thank you Tricia, the perks of having a big family who still get on! X
Emma Herian said…
Oh Liz, it's such a horrible cruel disease. Xxx

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