Crafting with SUGRU a fun quick DIY project!

For a couple of years now Ive known about SUGRU so when the team sent me one of their new Create & Craft Kits which will be released for sale in May, I was super excited to say the least.

Sugru is a mouldable glue that will stick to almost anything, hardens overnight into a strong and flexible rubber, in fact its so strong you can stick a heavy object to the wall with it!
It has been invented with creative DIY people in mind so these new kits are ideal for those looking to repair or update small projects.

The word SUGRU is Irish and means 'play' an apt description for this little kit, armed with four single use packs in black, grey, white and red and a tools that came with the kit I went on to have a lot of fun..

I decided to make some bookmarks as I've joined a book group and constantly turning the corners of the pages when I stop reading, not ideal!

Using ribbon from my stash, simply wrapping and moulding the SUGRU around the top and pressing with my finger I was able to create this cute panda face, two small circles rolled in the palm of my hand to form the ears and two more for the eyes.

Adding the little features was so easy, no glue was needed for the beady eyes, just push them in and hey presto, they stick!

As you can see I did have a fun creative time, one panda, a rabbit and a cute toadstool later...
.... all that was needed was to be patient and leave them for 24 hours so that the SUGRU sets. The next day I made three small little pompoms using a fork.. 

...give the pompoms a trim so they are firm then sew each one at the other end of the ribbons, perfect fun bookmarks!

I can honestly say this is such a great little kit, SUGRU comes in other colours which would enable a vast amount of inventive ideas for so many more projects, great for that quick repair job, (whats left of the black Sugru is going to repair my sons school shoes!) you just need to get that thinking cap on....

So, check out this SUGRU video for more ideas and its uses and give it a go, you will love it!

*PLEASE NOTE this is not an Ad, this is a personal project using a fantastic product*


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