I love coming up with new ideas and these blue whale needle felted brooches came from a yearning to have a quick dip in the sea whilst we've been experiencing a heatwave here in the UK. Im not sure I would like to come across a whale whilst swimming here off the coast of Brighton...perhaps with all this heat and the obvious increase in climate change Im sure the marine life on the south coast will change dramatically!

If I were to meet a blue whale I would like to think it was a kind looking one just like these needle felted ones, there's something about their eyes. I always think its trying to tell us something... a big gentle giant, not wanting to trouble you but to give you his worldly advice....I know it seems weird but thats just my odd thought! 

Creating them was very therapeutic, Im always saying that process of needle felting is a great craft for letting of steam and putting the worlds to right. It releases so much stress that needs to be released from deep within you, your life and around you ... but creating these whales was more relaxing this time, perhaps its the magic of the whale eye!

Anyway, these two are available in my Etsy shop under Marine Life section. Im definitely going to create more....maybe dolphins!


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