I had a specific commission at the weekend for a purse in blue tones with a matching corsage. I couldn't refuse even though I was up to my eyeballs in work - and here is the final piece. I put the corsage on the purse in the photo, looks quite good !
I might make a few like this for the shops.

I did manage to fit in a bit of relaxation this weekend by taking the family to a springwatch event here in Brighton. We had a lovely day of sitting with friends, soaking up the sun and learning all about nature! The boys loved it and I must confess, I did too! Our friend John was playing with his band The Carnival Collective. Ed, my littlest boy danced away to the beat, bless him and even got to hug a big badger! (not a real one!!!!) As usual, I forgot to take the camera hence no pics, sorry! I will try and getsome of my friends and post them later.


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