WIP Friday

A bag in the making!

I thought I had better keep up with WIP Friday as its a good way of keeping me on my toes! Its been so hot here in the South of England I have found it difficult to get on with things. Not only do I have a lot of work to catch up with but I also have an allotment! Allot of work!!!!! I managed to sneek in a couple of hours this morning befor it got too hot. My runner beans, tomatoes, peas and rocket were all planted and watered. phew!!! They were desperate to get in the ground.

I sometimes feel that I take on a bit too much, just like my mum! It keeps life interesting. I have been dreaming of succulent carrots, spinach, beetroot and tomatoes! Just a few more weeks and we should be reaping the rewards!

Anyway, must go, I am off to a lovely private view of an open house, filled with lovely handmade things, gorgeous house and garden, a few glasses of bubbly and strawberries!- I'm sure I will spend a bit of money as well!!!
Happy weekend everyone! Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said…
I'm so jealous, I would love an allotment - although to be fair I can't keep up with the teeny tiny garden that I have!
Your bag is looking good. And the private viewing with strawberries and bubbly sounds lovely!

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