Brighton Artist 2006

'Hillside' by Chrissy Guest

This weekend I had the chance of being very proud of my close friend Chrissy. We have been friends ever since we met doing a Part-time A level Art course nearly..... oh my god about 12 years ago! We both went on to do an Art foundation and then on to University to do a degree in Three Dimentional Design. Although we both specialised in Ceramics and Plastics we have gone on to do different things which we are passionate about.
Chrissy has always been a talented artist and has struggled with wanting to paint what she wants to, so I was so happy for her when she decided to enter quite a prestigious competition here in Brighton and not only that but has been chosen as one of the 10 finalsts.

Chrissy and her painting!

Friday night was her private view at the artatfive Gallery and it was so lovely to see her happy and at last to see her work in a well established gallery. By the way you can vote online for your favourite painting as the closing date is the 18th August, so take a look at the exhibition and cast your votes!

Chrissy and her proud friend - me! Posted by Picasa


Kristen Doran said…
A beautiful painting! I hope she wins.
bigbucketgirl said…
i really like the painting, and artatfive gallery. we're off to brighton next week so i feel the need to peer through windows! omg,only 61 hours until we get to brighton.

great here from erm..treefalldesign(?)
Anonymous said…
thank you for your sweet coment!
beki said…
What a beautiful painting!

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