Buzz buzz busy bee z z z z z

Well where do I start, apart frm my wisdom teeth which is STILL hurting it has been an exciting and busy week. The painting above is one of my good friend Philipa Stanton. I mentioned a while back here about her amazing ability to see colours when she hears voices. So on Monday night I went to her private view exhibition called Persona. I strongly recommend you going to see it. Its an exhibition that she has collabotated with the photographer Cambridge Jones where Philipa has painted the voices of various famous people and Cambridge has photographed them. It is held at the Theatre Royal in Brighton, so a perfect setting for beautiful work. Go and see it while the Brighton Festival is on, go on......!

So as I mentioned I am doing an open house for the festival again, and I need to sew sew sew. My sewing machine broke a needle yesterday just as I was in full flow - How dare it!!!!!!

The pic a bove is of my boys in Perth, we had a day there as we flew out very early the next morning. Amazing place. And below are my very proud parents with there little grand daughter. They arrived back this week and I know they are going to so miss little Rose. Tear, tear :(


Ragged Roses said…
Sorry to hear your tooth is still hurting. Hope it heals soon and your sewing machine too. Next time I'm in town I'll pop in to see the exhibition. Good luck with the open house etc.
Kim x
Anonymous said…
Rose is adorable!
MMM, I wonder what my VOICE would LOOK like! It amazes me what Phillipa does. UNIQUE!
Hope your wisdom teeth stop giving you so much pain. Bonjela does the trick for Murray! I've just got my final wisdom tooth coming in so I'll share your pain (although its not too bad at the mo!)
Lots of Love
Charlotte xxx
Ragged Roses said…
Hello again, if you get to see this before the Festival (I know you're probably up to your eyes in it) let me know when you're going to be at the Open House and I can pop along to say hello - it's not far from me at all. Hope all is going well

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