Can you tell where I have been?

Iam back!
And what an adventure my family I and have been on, have you guessed yet as to the location.......?
Well, my blood rushed to my head............
any more clues?......

The main reason for going was that my little sister went travelling 2 years ago, met a farmer, fell in love, had a beautiful baby girl and as you can guess from the pic above, married him!

It was the most beautiful and moving wedding I have ever been to, up on a hill overlooking their farm near the spot where he proposed to her!

Yep, romance is alive.

I will post more pics over the next few days, I am still very tired, jet lagged and can't quite believe taht it has all happened.


Ragged Roses said…
It's good to have you back. What an adventure .... It looks really beautiful (here's me thinking you were just busy sewing for the festival!). Looking forward to seeing more photos. Thanks for the lovely comments again!
Kim x
Lucky you! I am so jealous, but it's nice to have you back anyway.
Looking forward to all of your photos..
Victoria x
Jane said…
We went to Australia for a few weeks about 7 years ago - and loved it - unfortunately the "going back to Australia" fund keeps disappearing into house repairs and the like.

Beautiful photos.

Thank you for popping by my blog
Anonymous said…
That looks like a beautiful and romantic wedding. Your sister certainly did make a stunning bride.

Cherry xx
Rebecca said…
AAh, I love a good wedding - and a bit of travelling!
Nonnie said…
Ah how romantic. Your Sister looks beautiful. Can't wait to see more pictures of your trip.
Tina said…
Hi, I coming from Nonnie's blog and I think she had a great idea of posting lots of sweet blogs like yours for us to visit.
Your sister looks really lovely and as an Australia fan I'm really lloking forward to see your other pics.
Take Care.x

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