Its War!

Ok, I shall explain. I have declared war on the slimey slithering slugs of sussex! Not in my garden, oh no - I can tolerate that (its those dastadly snails in the garden that need to watch out!) No, its the slugs in my HOUSE! Yes I did say house - Aaaahhhhhh!
Every evening befor we go to bed we discover them slithering in to the kitchen, worktops and now the dinning room! They come up through the floorboards and I can't stand it ANY more. I have tried allsorts, but now its war - my father inlaw is coming round with tubes of sealant and we are going to fill the floorboards! Ha!........... I will let you know the outcome!

Anyway, we had a very busy week (I am preparing for a stall at my sons school fair!) and at the weekend we went to JPs cousins wedding. It was so sweet and simple, they looked stunning and very happy.

As a gift, I made the cushion above, a bit like my friend friendship cushion here. I hope they liked it, it was nice to put their initals and the date on, even if my sewing machine decided to be akward!

They had this gorgeous traditional wedding cake and surrounded it with these little lovelies! Perfect for popping in ones mouth whole!!!!!

Anyway, time to get sewing.

Oh if you get to go to Hove Museum, you must see this exhibition - Paper Cuts, very beautiful!


you poor thing. I hate hate hate slugs. You go get them girl.

Ragged Roses said…
Now I thought we had Sussex's entire population of snails and slugs in our garden! Poor you in the house as well, we've only got woodlice! Good luck with the sealant. That cushion is absolutely beautiful Emma.
Kim x
Nonnie said…
Can totally sympathise about the slugs. My Sister and I had an invasion of them in a rented place we lived in a few years ago. We would discover them in the kitchen every morning. Disgusting! We put a trail of slug pelets all the way round the edge of the house and it seemed to work although we moved out soon afterwards.
Tracy x said…
cupcakes galore and such great colours!
in a rented flat years ago, one of our cats used to bring in slugs and earth worms from the garden - the slugs used to stand around looking ugly and the worms used to burrow in to our carpets!!!!!!
go - go - go with the sealant
and keep your windows closed.......
tracy x
Raindrops said…
My sympathies with the slugs we get ants and that is bad enough. Cushion is beautiful love the colours used.
Ugh!! Slugs in the house. I am not surprised that you want to get rid of them.

I love the beautiful cushion and am sure that it will be treasured.

Oh no! How could they? have they no respect? I hope that you manage to banish them from the house soon.
The cushion is lovely, and those cakes look delicious (although we are a little 'caked out' after the birthday week!).
Victoria x
Anonymous said…
I'm afraid I hate them things so much I can't even say their name - in our house (and they have been known to invade) they are known as "homeless snails". Just the mention of their name will leave me screaming! And when thy have invaded, the trail of salt all round the skirting boards have made our house look like we are participating in some sort of witchcraft! And I don't worry about using pellets, salt or whatever coz I have no qualms about the little b*****ds dying in agony!

And I've just been out to plant up some chicory a friend gave me and the b***ers have stripped that! And when I lifted up thetray that the seedlings were in, the snails were clinging onto the back of it. Lazy little so and sos! At least they haven't started on the tomatoes (yet) or we'll have nothing left.
Anonymous said…
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