Pinned down!

I am afraid I don't have many pics to show. Its been half term here so my time has been spent with the boys, meeting friends, allotment, gardening and recovering!!!!!
The picture above shows some hat pins I made for the Open House, a bit of an experiment really. You can use them to pin on tops as well. Quite cool and unique were some of the comments I had!

Let me introduce baby Fin - while we were away in Aus, JP's sister gave birth to a gorgeous boy. He was due the week before we were supposed to go, but decided to be late and let us miss it. What a lovely bundle to come back to.

Anyway, I am off to the airport to greet my youngest sister back from Aus - she was the last one of us all to stay out there with our Sis and her husband and gorgeous Rose. We have missed her as she has always been our chief babysitter!!!!!!!

Have a glorious weekend!


Ragged Roses said…
Ooh Fin's gorgeous! The hat pins are great, were they a success! End of half term and now the sun shines!
Kim x
Anonymous said…
Hello just popped over form Nonnie's your hat pins are lovely perfect for Ascot!
Love these hat pins, we just do not wear enough hats in this country, I adore hats.
Suzie Sews
blueberry hill said…
The hatpins are lovely - what a good idea! Also Fin is so cute, what a lot of hair too!
I love photos of new babies, they are also so precious, I never get bored of looking at them.
Great hat pins, great for hats, but they would look just as good on display.
I've just sent you an email with my details, for the giveaway.
Thanks again
Victoria x
Estercity said…
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