And sew time passes by ...............

Fairy Skirts galore!

Well sorry again - I have had 2 very busy weeks, sewing my heart out and had 2 excellent school fairs! These fairy skirts went well, such fun to make and seeing my little boys modelling them was a giggle. Tee hee - they really didn't mind, honest!!!

Now that they are behind me, I can get on with some very delayed projects, this being the mammoth one.
I kindly offered my help to a friend who was constructing this patchwork. She did all the hard small piece work but was at a loss as to how to go on and make it bigger - this was were I came in and suggested big squares on the outside using the materials she had already used. Easy I thought.........Oh oh oh..........6 months later......I have now managed to do the outer squares, and started sewing in the detail. Oh my, its harder than I realised! Still going....I will get it done.

Here's a girly TeePee I made to sell at the fair, I might put it in my Etsy shop soon - watch this space. Below you can see me trying to stop the wind and rain blowing stock, teepee, gazebo and myself from flying off!

(May I say that my little sister was a complete star helping out that day, cheers me dear! X)


Jane said…
Your stall looks great - I hate having windy rain at fetes, it is such a struggle to keep everything on the stall and still look calm enough to talk to people.

My mum used to make Barbie and Sindy clothes at one point - it was to be a great money-making scheme - we spent a week making them look professional by sewing them to card and putting clingfilm over them and then we had a stall at East Fortune Sunday Market. this is on a very windy airstrip and within ten minutes we were chasing the pink carded outfits down the tarmac. We packed up before we had to pay for the stall and the clothes were sold at coffee mornings after that!

Love the fairy skirts - they look to be a decent length
blueberry hill said…
Fab tepee - very in vogue just now!

Yes, your plight looks familiar - craft fairs are no fun right now in this weather are they?!

I am doing some Highland Games this month - they are bound to be soggy affairs!

Annie x
Ragged Roses said…
Oh Emma I'm going to have to hide those skirts from a couple of girls - they're beautiful, no wonder they were successful. I recognise that school playing field!!! Everything looks lovely - are we still on for our cuppa?
saraeden said…
those skirts are so pretty ...

sara x
Anonymous said…
Hi Emma, many thanks for stopping by my blog - I just adored your fairy skirts on Flickr - the colours are so scrummy :)

I have been promising to make my daughter a teepee for years - yours looks fab!
Love the skirts and the Teepee is stunning
Suzie Sews
Jane said…
Emma - I don't do hotmail so can't e-mail you - could you contact me at re- getting things into CL.

None of it is rocket science but if I had known what I do now I would have been in it 2 years ago!

Great fairy skirts, I know a little girl who wears fairy wings to bed.
I love the teepee, there will be a fight to see who can buy it first I bet!
Glad to see you had a nice time at the fair.

p.s the brooch you sent me is amazing! I pin it on my cardi when I am sewing curtains (and things that I need to move about for), and use it as a mobile pincushion - how genius is that?

Victoria x
darling fairy skirts!!
Anonymous said…
Love the fairy skirts, makes one wish to be a very cute little girl again, huh? :-)

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