Life should be like this, once in while!

This sums up what I want life to be like for the boys, countryside wooded walks, messing with mud a water. Imagining fantasy worlds deep in the undergrowth. We had a gorgeous day out last Saturday at a wonderful UN-commercial place called Wilderness Woods in Hadlow Down. It was so perfect and so much fun was had by all. Lots of deep breaths of country air, perfect. Dens were built, picnics were eaten and imaginary worlds were created.

Whilst writing this I am having a sneaky early elevenses with a yummy scrummy piece of Mocha Cake. My mother used to make this in huge batches when ever we used to go Guide camping and now I have mastered the recipe. Its very rich so small slices is recommended with copious amounts of tea!


Biscuit base

5oz Porridge Oats

8oz Margarine/butter

2oz Cocoa Powder

8oz Sugar

5oz Self Raising flour

Melt butter in saucepan and add remaining dry ingredients. Stir really well and pour into greased square/oblong tray. Cook in oven for between 20 - 40 mins, you want it to be slightly soft/chewy in centre. Remove from oven, whilst cooling make the fudge icing.

Fudge Icing

1 Tablespoon hot water with 1 teaspoon of coffee powder

8oz Icing sugar

2oz Margarine/butter.

Melt butter, add the icing sugar and coffee and stir really well over heat then pour over biscuit base. Let it all cool and cut whilst still in tin into small slices. And enjoy!!!!!!!

I need to sort out my chaos known as ribbons, buttons, beads and threads!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is what my corners in my home generally look like.

Oh, before I forget I had a lovely coffee and chat with Kim from Ragged Roses and look what I got!!!!!! I could not take the corsage off my cardi as its just too perfect. And also she gave me one of her lovely pom poms - I wish they smelt like they look -Many little buds of roses! Thankyou Kim.

Just received my copy of Country Living - I wish my patio area looked like this........


Ragged Roses said…
Glad you liked your corsage etc, your gifrs are very much admired around here too! So pleased you got to Wilderness Woods - it is a wonderful place isn't it!!! I'd love some of that cake right now, throw some down the hill please!!! I think i've got all the ingredients to make it this afternoon .... I'd love a patio like that too. Thanks for showing us your drawers!
Kim x
Tracy x said…
we love wilderness wood too! - the walks are great for the dogs, the cake is the best and in the Winter we always buy our logs from there when we are passing - it is the one place where we are happy to pay to walk the dogs!x
i love that it has not been taken over by a large company - when we last went about 2 months ago they were busy painting a room out the back - got to go back and see what they have done with it!
great looking cake by the way.
tracy x
thanks for the cake recipe...its great sandra
It looks like a great day out. Thanks for the recipe - it sounds delicious!

Marie x
Anonymous said…
Yes life really should be like that.
Anonymous said…
Thankyou for visiting our new blog and your kind comment we've left a little thankyou over there for you.
The cake sounds delicious! I also longed for the patio in the Country Living magazine when I saw it!
Primrose Hill said…
that cakes looks yummy, thatnks for the recipe!
L x
ginny said…
Hi Emma,
The wilderness woods looks great..have just followed your link.. thanks. I am also reading a book
(suggested by elderwoman blog) called
'Last Child in the Woods' by Richard Louv which may be of interest to you.
Those biscuits look worth a try .. i have 2 wee girls who get very hungry.
Happy weekend
ps .. loved those fairy skirts!
Ragged Roses said…
Hi Me again! Loved that lavender article in CL too! What a great idea Emma, wouldn't that just be perfect - now you shouldn't go planting ideas like that into my head (we could have a little crafting business on the side, the kids could be rolling around on the Downs and our partners could be busy designing all the packaging!); What a great fantasy - thanks!
Kim x
Pauline said…
Hi Emma, My name is Pauline and I live in Australia. Came across your blog and salivating at the sight of the Mocha Slice, i'm going to give it a go over the weekend (My fiance and son can't wait!). Love you blog.
ginny said…
Hi Emma, have chosen you for blogger reflection award. check out on my blog and join in if you wish.
ps. not made the biscuits yet but will do ...
Anonymous said…
I have got to make the cake. It's sounds divine!

That corsage is beautiful.

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