Back to life!

Hello everyone, thankyou so much for your lovely kind comments. Well what a month or two it has been! My father had a scary moment but he is really well now but what a scary thing to come back to. We had such a great time in Devon, as you can see. I spotted this little mermaid on Brigmore beach, all washed up with beautiful seaweed like hair!

We had glorious days on the beaches, helping granny in her new garden, exploring the woods and building dens.

Visiting ye olde villiage fete's and riding on this cute old steam roller!

So imagine my surprise to come back to my poor father in hospital. I really believe that somethings happen for a reason - this was one of those times. Whilst visiting my father I noticed a man in another bed. He looked so familiar yet really ill, the name above his head was too. It dawned on me that he was a really old friend that I had not seen properly for at least 15 years. He was really ill so I contacted a couple of old friends to query it and update, not knowing what to do in that situation. I decided to write a letter to his mum, she seemed to be his only visitor. Well, basically, my old friends all contacted each other, but it was too late. He died lonely. We all went to his funeral, so weird seeing all these old friends and in such a sad way.

But what I meant about things happening for a reason, if my father had not been there in hospital, I would have not seen Barry and he would have had hardly anyone at his funeral. I hope we were there for his mother at the time she needed us and we all remembered Barry in a happier times.

On top of all this I had an Autumn craft fair to do, so more bunny's were made and sold and a new line in children's tops and smocks.

Its good to be back, but its a time of sewing a plenty, Christmas is but a sniff away!


Ragged Roses said…
Lovely to hear from you again Emma. Really glad to hear that your dad is okay now - how scary for you all. Sorry to hear about your friend too, life is very strange. What a sad story.
It looks like your summer holiday was great, beautiful mermaid indeed! Shall I email you to arrange that coffee then?!
Kim x
Anonymous said…
Hi Emma, good to see you back and to hear that your dad is better. It must have been a comfort to your friend's mum to have you all thereat such a sad time. Looks like you had a super holiday.
Margaret and Noreen at THY
Hi Emma
So glad to hear that you father is on the mend. It is very sad to hear about your old friend, but you were so kind to contact your other friends for him.

I love your little mermaid - what a great beach find!
Looks like you all had a wonderful holiday.
Glad to see you are keeping busy, looks like you will be sewing all the time from now until Christmas!
I'm sure that it will be worth it though.

Victoria x
julia said…
Glad your dad's feeling better. How sad about your friend, but hopefully all of you being there would have been of some comfort to his family.
Don't mention the C******** word, I've just started selling again and I'm beginning to panic!
Looks like you had a great holiday, love the mermaid!
Julia x

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