Party on!

Its Birthday season in this household. I think October is such a great time to be born, well I would say that as "ITS MY BIRTHDAY TOMORROW!!!" I know, I'm far too old to get excited and to shout about it, but I am "SO EXCITED!"

That's what it was like for my little boy too this week, I can't believe it was four years ago when I got a little cross with a certain chef on TV, cooking in his Devon restaurant which led to my munchkin number two, to be born 2 weeks early!

Fun was had at his birthday party, at home with a select few bashing the daylights out of a flying pig! Yes that is what you can see above, my attempt at a homemade pinata! It was worth the effort, their faces were a picture as the sweets came pouring out!

Ladies, (and gents if you read my blog!) we all love bargains and I can't resist them. Whilst purchasing party food at a well known food store I came across this gorgeous cardi. It sums up Autumn to me, Mustard and cosy! It just ad to be popped into the shopping trolly.

And for my REALLY mega bargain, I confess to never have entered Matalan before. I am glad I did look what I got for a £1! In fact, I had to by four of them! Even JP loves them, what a lovely man!

I am enjoying my tea!

Tara, I need to nurse a cold and enjoy the last few rays coming through the dining room window.


Ragged Roses said…
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, EMMA!! From a fellow libran C,(and E the crabby crab! M the Goat and K the Maid-en!)
Hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow. We were up on the Beacon today on our joint favourite spot, it was beautiful. Happy Brithday too to your little boy.
Kim xxx
Now was it the shop at the Marina or up near you?!!! The one I can pop into on the way to Matalan to get one of those mugs! the week after half term will be great for a coffee.
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday Emma! What terrific bargains, especially those pretty mugs.

Marie x
dottycookie said…
Happy birthday to you, and happy birthday to your little one! We just had a third birthday party yesterday - aren't they just the best?!

Love the pig ...
Happy Birthday Emma, how exciting.

The pig is great, I know a little girl who would love one!

I love the cardi too, the colour is wonderful.

Victoria x
Happy Birthday Emma! Hope you had a fab day!!
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday to you! Great buys now where is the nearest Matalan?
Anonymous said…
Thanks Em, its good to be back and life is definately happier. Evertime i see Benjamin in Murrays room ~ i think I must get back to blogging!
Belated birthday wishes.
Lots of love
Charlotte xxx
Hello , I bought these but they were not reduced when i bought them!!so you were lucky. They are on my little shelf, they are so pretty x

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