Winnings and Autumn pickings!

Look what I won! Sorry Michele for the delay in thanking, but THANKYOU for this gorgeous little parcel that arrived. The whole process of opening was such a joy. The paper you wrapped the mirror in was so sweet, I can't bear tp get rid of it. The mirror is now my posh mirror! When I was a young girl I used to collect the flower fairies mirrors. I cherished them until two little sisters decided to play and chew them. I only have one left and the boys love it.

As you are all aware Autumn is here and possibly the best time of year.
So out come the plastic boxes and hunting for blackberries is the game. Our eldest went on his first ever Beaver camp a weekend ago, so the little one came with us for a lovely walk.......

Look at this little cottage, it is attached to the church and the lady who lived in it was so sweet.

We found a secret stash of blackberries........ someone found it quite difficult to keep them in the box, they just kept popping in the mouth!

Mmmmmm, they are now Jam!

We have done so much over the weeks, now that both boys are at school I must knuckle down and work. But where does the time go, how did I fit it all in before?

Anyway, here are a few pics of what Autumn is turning out to be.......lovely!

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Anonymous said…
We've enjoyed picking a few blackberries...I love that time just among the hedgerows, all peaceful but with purposeful activity...some crumbles in the freezer now.
Margaret and Noreen
Victoria Ann said…
Lovely photos, they give a real feel of the season. I will be making quince jam this weekend (first attempt!)

I have just tagged you - You're it! if you would like to play visit my blog and you will see the post:)

mad-boo x
Ragged Roses said…
Yummy pressie and yummy blackberries, soon be time for yummy sloes! (see you up there!)

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