A day to remember......

Well as promised here are some more pics of one of the best days of our life! Perfect is a big and exact word to describe the day.
The night before the wedding all my family and friends gathered at the hall in a village near us, bunting (made by moi!) was hung, flowers grown on the allotment and garden by myself and my mother were arranged in jam jars. Well I say jam jars, they were actually darn fine jars that once were home to gherkins! We love gherkins in this house!
Love hearts scattered over the table (little ones idea!) A supper of Fish and chips were eaten on the laps and the scene was set!

I vowed not to have the first dance - " me! do something like that, never!" My husband surprised me and whisked me off my feet!

The speeches were perfect, informal, personal, fun and sweet!

There had to be a bit of "Rock n Roll!!"

You know when you have a dream of what your wedding would be like, this was mine......

Mr JP and I have been together for 16 years, so a traditional wedding was never on the cards, so here is one of the puddings which was also our wedding cake - Two Tier Hazelnut Meringue.

I had to get some of my Lavender in their!

The food was so yummy. We originally had the idea of bring a dish instead of a gift, but my sweet mother was insistent that she wanted a caterer - my idea of hell! Then a good friend suggested Bill's! We often have food there, it was perfect, just the kind of food we would expect friends and family to bring. And as you can see the puds were heaven!

We had such a lovely day the only regret is that we wanted it to go on forever!


Ragged Roses said…
Aah what lovely memories of a wonderful day! It really was as perfect as you described Mrs P - lovely, lovely, lovely!
Really beautiful photos - I will try and get mine on Flickr for you. Thanks for sharing the day Emma
Take care
Ps You must really love gherkins, I seem to remember rather a lot of glass jars about the place! Yes I think my abiding memory is one of flowers, bunting, beautiful colours and you beaming everytime I looked over at you!
julia said…
It looks like the perfect wedding to me, having yet to take the plunge it's exactly how I'd like mine to be, although at this rate I will have to use a zimmer frame to get down the aisle!
Now some questions (for research purposes)- did you have your reception in the village hall and did you have a band?
Julia xx
Samantha said…
Hi Emma,
it all looks truly wonderful - a very personal day.

Ragged Roses said…
What wood fair would that be (sounds like something out of Thomas Hardy - sorry, where is the wood fair?).
Yes please do go looking for our woodland
Tracy x said…
just simply... lovely x
t x
It will go on forever Emma.. in your hearts and memories...
Beautiful photos of a beautiful day!

Michele x
Primrose Hill said…
Oooh, congratulations, you all look so happy! What a super looking wedding.

L x
LinenandRoses said…
Sorry I am so very late in leaving a comment here. But Congratulations to you! I hope you are thoroughly enjoying married life. Looks like you had a lovely day. Your dress is gorgeous. I must admit I'm feeling totally fazed by the thought of looking for my dress. Mum and I are starting the search on Saturday and I hate to admit I'm not really looking forward to it as I just don't know what I want. Hopefully I'll have a better idea once I try a few things on. Having seen the length of your dress I'm now wondering about that sort of thing myself as I'm so petite maybe it would be better than a long dress. Anyway, I'm rambling now! Thanks by the way for the comments on my blog. Yes, it is me! Nonnie x
Blossom said…
It all looks just wonderful!!
I love your dress!!!
Curlew Country said…
Possibly the most romantic photos I've ever seen. Many, many congratulations for even more happy years to come.
P.S. Stunning dress, bunting & puds btw!
Hi Emma, what lovely wedding photos - exactly how a wedding should be - relaxed, with everyone having fun - Natalie x p.s - the cakes look scrummy too by the way!
Fabric Nation said…
Congratulations! I've been an occasional reader and love your stories and photos and felt overwhelmed by the similarities with our wedding a few weeks ago (also after 17 years together)- village hall, homemade bunting, allotment flowers in jars and tins (catfood!) and pink doilies - its the way to go! I wish we could do it again too, such a lovely experience. I've not posted any pics yet as we've only just got back, but will do soon. Many happy wedded years together!
gillian x
Aww what a lovely day. I love the puddings. xxx

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