A happy ending........

Sorry for the delay in the words to this post, its a real romance story. A film could be made from it.

Are you sitting comfortably, then I shall begin.......

Once upon a time there was a girl who was not so happy, she had a gorgeous and very special child but craved for that true love and happy ending that all girls dream of.

Then one day she met an old friend that rekindled a spark, which then simmered and evolved into a love that was meant to be. Unfortunately the romance was not to run smoothly, the man that she so truly had fallen in love with was to leave and work in New Zealand, something he had been planning for a long time.

What was she to do?

She sat on her friends sofa crying her eyes out, happy for her friends impending wedding but sad that she would not be able to be with the man she loved. The decision was made and she went on an adventure staying with her love in NZ for a month.

Well, 2 weeks later and what was that on her finger?........................................
They both new that they had to be together, and the thought of waiting for October (the next time that they would see each other) was too hard to endure. This lovely man took her out for her birthday and proposed!
They decided that it had to be soon and and within 3 days they became Mr and Mrs P!
So is this the end of a romantic story.... no, Mrs p had to return to England and wait for October! As you can see from the photos above a small celebration was held on a wet and wild October day so that all their English friends could join them in their happiness.
November will be a sad month for me and this friend, as we will have to say goodbye to each other and so will our children, but knowing that they are going to have an exciting new and very happy life brings joy to us all.!
Thought I might show you a picture of this very silly cat of ours! She likes to sit in a most peculiar way on the back of our sofa..... dear JamJam!
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Ragged Roses said…
You hsven't got married again have you?!!!!!!!
Ragged Roses said…
Phew that's a relief! It makes much more sense with the words! What a wonderful fairytale and such a happy ending. Gorgeous photos. Jamjam is looking much bigger isn't she?!
We should go for that walk soon
Gone to Earth said…
That's a beautiful story - brought a tear to my eye. (Yes, I'm daft.). Love the cat.
Jacoline said…
Great story, lovely blog Thanks
Ragged Roses said…
Thank you for your lovely comments (I'm blushing!!!). Squash tomatoes and stew to you too! Hope you're having a really wonderful weather, shame about the weather. Hope those boys of yours are spoiling you! Big Sister will be pleased to get a big kiss from you know who, hope his party went well. Enjoy your day
Coffee soon?
Lyn said…
I love Jam-Jam, he's very,very cute!

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