Who loves Autumn?

I do! Well how could anyone not. Lighting the fire, snuggling in and getting down to some serious sewing, knitting and crochet. I have had a bit of sewing block and needed a little project to get back into the swing. I have been desperate to make some really nice bunting and with an impending birthday of my nephew on the horizon it was a perfect opportunity. I couldn't resist putting his name on. So I have a question for you all, I sell very simple bunting at bargain price but would like to start selling the kind of bunting above. Do you think that £2.00 per letter is too much or too little, the above bunting has 5 letters with 4 plain which would make it a sale price of £18.00. I would appreciate your feedback as it might be a new line on sale.

Anyway, back to Autumn, I do love it for various reasons, colour, smell, fires, walks, berries, harvesting and erm... well.... BIRTHDAYS! It is mega birthday season in my family, starting with my big sis, then my brother, then my little baby who now is sooooo big I cant believe how 5 years has vanished in a blink. Then of course its mine! Then my mums and my little sis, so you can see why its mega birthday time.

Look what this lucky little (erm old) girl received!!!!!!! I cant bear to stick pins in it.

Do you think people know I like cooking? If you haven't been watching What to Eat Now, I strongly recommend you do. We are very much seasonal eaters in this house and Valentine Warner (what a lovely name) hits the nail on the head with his gorgeous and may I say simple recipes. A while back a good friend gave me Carol Kleins Grow Your Own Veg book, so her Cook Your Own Veg book is great to show you what to do with it all. We eat a lot of veg in this house so its really nice to have a book just for them! TEE hee hee (as Carol would giggle!)

My mother grew this plus many more pumpkin's on her allotment, puts my little one to shame! They do make a good pumpkin and goats cheese quiche though, the boys gobbled it down with homegrown roast pots and huge carrots! Mmmmm don't you just love Autumn!

Just a few flowers left from the allotment, looks like I might go into business with these next year, neighbours are putting in orders! Watch out Sarah Raven!

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Attic24 said…
Beautiful photos, I love your colourful take on Autumn...the flowers in the last photos are especially scrummy
Anonymous said…
Lovely flowers. Yes, I would pay that for personalised bunting. Love the idea of the pumpkin and goats cheese quiche. Check out my pics on my blog for the pumpkin man at Slindon. My kids loved visiting there but it is a bit further for you - you could tie it in with a country pub lunch! I adore you flowers. Am on a waiting list for allottment but no chance. Have been on it for over 5 years - boo hoo! No chance now. Isn't Valentine Warner weird - not good looking particularly but a lovely sexy name and he can cook = quite attractive! Ha ha!

Love Emma x
Sue said…
Your bunting would be extremely good value for money at an extra £2per letter. Love your blog by the way.

Sue xx
Josie-Mary said…
Hello, I've really enjoyed reading your blog....I'm new to this so I'm having fun looking out for new people.
I think the bunting is a good price & would be happy to pay that. I've been tempted to buy the Carol Klein book, I've got the grow your own veg which I love but I'm not a good cook....are there lots of simple dishes???? I need that!!! :) xx
Anonymous said…
You should get together with Ragged Roases because dreams come true....if you work at them! Thanks for your reply on my blog. Lovely to hear from you and good luck with the bunting. (Xmas bunting could be good!!)

Sue xx
Ragged Roses said…
Beautiful flowers Emma, Sarah Raven watch this space!!! I have no idea of pricing, I'm the worst person to ask, but your prices seem just right to me. M brought home a copy of Cook your own veg last week, it's great isn't it.
Love the bunting and love Autumn, especially today, it's great outside
Anonymous said…
Lovely colours. I'm going to add Cook your own veg to my Christmas list. Love Carol Klein and her giggle.
LinenandRoses said…
Hi Emma. Thanks for your message on my blog. I'm definitely going to look out for school and church fairs. Love all your pictures today. The flowers are gorgeous. I think the bunting is definitely something you should develop. Those prices seem about right. Fionax
PS Big Big fan of Valentine Warner. His book is very much on my Christmas wish list.
hula-la said…
I LOVE AUTUMN...and I'm glad I found your site...I'd like to share my Autumn with you from New York State!



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