A hoot to the end of half term!

As most of us are aware its been half term and what a hoot of a time we have had!
It has been a really enjoyable one this time, seeing old friends, quality time with loved ones and time with just me and the boys.

As Friday was the official last day of half term (we don't count weekends) I decided to take the boys to the Bluebell Railway AND it was only a £1 per child!

I think the boys and I all had something to make us go ... ah.... wow....ooooo!

I loved all these posters and tin plates dotted around on trains and platforms....

I told the boys about a poor chap stuck in this case!!!!! Tee hee, wicked mummy!

The boys have been befor but little P was probably only 8months old when we last went. We had given our father a birthday pressie of a chance to spend a day driving the trains.
The boys were amazed to see the actual train that their grandfather had driven, up close too in the shed. Good god they are big!

I thought you girls might like this poster.... oh if it was like that now, a weekend in gay Paris!

Even the heating system in the carriage is beautiful!

The golden age of steam.....................

TOOT TOOT! Have a great weekend!


Curlew Country said…
What a lovely treat. We're lucky enough to have a fabulous steam railway at the end of our road. And I completely agreem - the chance to drive a steam train is just the best present for fathers of a certain age. We treated our dad last year for his 60th birthday and his grandsons' reaction is just the same!

Wonderful memories for you all.
Have a smashing weekend.
Fabric Nation said…
Looks like really good fun. I've been meaning to go for ages, I'll have to book it up for Easter. Thanks for the reminder about these lovely gems we have dotted around us.
Bertie Meadows said…
What a fun day out, a great way to end the holidays. My rabble would really enjoy it there. It's a shame we can't travel in style like that anymore. With leather trunks and pretty posters everywhere. I think I was born in the wrong era!
Bertie x
Ragged Roses said…
That's one of my favourite places to visit. It always feels like a proper day out. I love it! Glad you got to go and had such a good half term too.
Anonymous said…
Living in a railway carriage, of course I LOVED this post! What great pictures. We had a trip there ourselves before we started building, and everyone was so nice. A whole bunch of them ended up coming over to tea to look at our carriages and were brilliant at dating them and pointing out loads of little features we had not known about - before vanishing as one of them had suddenly spotted a MUCH more rare and interesting carriage just a few hundred yards further down our road. Shucks!
All good wishes
x Elspeth
Ragged Roses said…
Thanks so much for your lovely comments Pepe! I shall be round with a shovel, spade and removal van very shortly ...
Pepe xxx
Just been up to the post office and sorely tempted to come round and admire your primroses ...

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