Snow glorious snow!

SNOW! What snow!!
What a fantastic way to wake up, just look.......... bliss. NO CARS making horrible noises..........

All the roads here were really really thick, the peace was music to our ears...........

All you could hear were the shrieks of laughter and joy...........

I want more!

Why people have to moan and grumble, yes we can't cope with it because we all have it SO EASY! Wake up and smell the flowers, look at your children and see simple happiness!

If we had snow all winter (like the olden days) like our friends in other countries we would just get on and cope. SO STOP MOANING and enjoy........

Sorry, I just feel that this country does not really appreciate what we have and have forgotten the simple pleasures in life. We had no milkman yesterday due to the weather, but I knew this was coming and bought extra the day before. Apparently our local supermaket was out of milk, bread and cheese and people were panicking as if this was the end of the world!
Make your bread!
We coped, we had homemade soup from a humble leek and potatoe and as we had no bread I made cheese scones!
Sorry, moan moan moan, I am moaning like a true Brit! Tee Heee!
Anyway, can you see what I have started to make above....... Thanks to Lucy at Attic24!

Well, listen to your heart, stay in keep warm and enjoy your childrens hapiness as they play in the snow.
Be a devil and join in...go on....... x


dottycookie said…
Hear hear. I couldn't agree more with every word - the last time I remember snow like this I was a child so the chances of my kids seeing it again are not high. So YES, we made the most of it, and I cheered when the headmaster called to say he was closing the school!
Fabric Nation said…
I had a lovely day too and took lots of photos. I found highly irksome the obsession on the news with the billions lost to the economy. The work we couldn't do on Monday will still get done as we all end up working too much anyway, and the milk and bread will still get bought. Weather like this is such a rare treat it has to be enjoyed as much as possible. Otherwise, what is the point of all that work we do!
Anonymous said…
Oh how lovely, what gorgeous images you have given us!! I think to see a street covered in snow would be magical!! It would make for the sort of day that makes you glad you were alive and one that you will remember!!
Thanks for sharing!
Enjoy your snow, I will continue to dream of it!
Kiss Noises Linda Lilly Cottage
Whiskey and Emi said…
Hi. Totally agree! It's been great fun. And you do take such lovely photos. In case the boys are interested, they might like this blog - whiskeyandemi.blogspot.
Karin (down the road)x
Bertie Meadows said…
Hello Em, it's so true what you say. We should take pleasure in the simple things and be thankful for what we have. On that note- thank you for leaving such a lovely comment.
Bertie x.
Unknown said…
hi em, thank you for stopping by my blog and your lovely comments :)

your pics of the snow look lovely, we've had a few flutters here in edinburgh, but nothing significant...

enjoy the peace and quiet and have a fab day,

Ragged Roses said…
Great post Em!!!!! I so agree with what you said, and I was just praying for the schools to be closed so the children could enjoy it all. so are you now my new local councillor?!!!!
wasn't it great to have no cars around?
Janette said…
I totally agree with you, we woke up to only a few inches of snow but as Preston hardly ever gets snow we were thankful just for that bit. We got to school early to find that so had most of the other parents - did we want to get rid of our kids early??? - no way we wanted to join in the fun of the biggest snowball fight I've ever been part of, parents, kids and the teachers just great fun and they didn't even ring the school bell till ten minutes later than normal just the best start to a school day.
Absolutely. just enjoy it.
Ragged Roses said…
Thanks for the offer but the steps were okay this morning. However, I have just nearly skidded down the road with a bag of shopping - so if you want to win my vote you could carry the shopping home for me!!!! M fell down three times on the way to the station the other day, but then, you should see him ice skating! Did you know there's more on the way (snow that is), fingers crossed for more days at home and snowball fights. Did you go to the park?
bananaicecream said…
All those pictures make me wanna go outside and make snow angels
Anonymous said…
Wow...what a heavy fall of snow...beautiful. We've not had quite so much, but still everywhere looks sparkling. Enjoy!
Margaret and Noreen
Anonymous said…
yep, i agree too. It is wonderful and I am hoping for just bit more please! It really was so peaceful. We spent hours outside in it (with breaks in between for hot choccy!) and when we came in we still loved being able to look out and see the beauty of it. I can't believe how much the kids have enjoyed it too. I saw on the news some kids sledging down a hill and because alot of them didnt have a sled, they used what they could including one young chap who used an old suitcase which i though was a great idea!
Anonymous said…
perfectly put!

fingers crossed for more snow today!
lots of snowy love to you and your boys,
ginny xxx
Funkymonkey said…
Gorgeous phots. You've certainly had more snow than we have had here.
Goosey said…
Nice blog to read, I shall pop back again!
Attic24 said…
Lovely lovely hexie beginnings there, the colours have made me grin!
I agree totally with what you said, I've heard a lot of moaning too recently re the weather, but isn't this what is SUPPOSED to happen in midwinter?? This cold snowy icy stuff? To me it's perfect seasonal weather, being true to where we are at in the year. And I love it for that.
Have a great day
Happy Harris said…
Hi Em, Pop over to my blog and pick up your award :)

Love Happy xx
I couldn't agree with you more Emma...
Wasn't it beautiful while it lasted... I love the silence.. the muffled sounds of snow and the purity of it.. it covers so much ugliness!

I wanted to say how charming your new cards are.. I saw them on Not on the High Street today... I hope they do really well!

Lots of love
Michele xx
Anonymous said…
Thank you for your comments!! Your photos are so beautiful.And I don't have any snow where I live, so I envy you!!
Delightful pictures,
joyful words.
I enjoyed reading your post here.
Happily I stumbled upon your blog and you have given me a chance to be jealous of the glorious snow.
I miss home, and snow.
However, I am happy where ever I land.
Love the wee crochet creations.
Thanks for the link.
happy weekend,
Bairbre Aine

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