It is supposed to happen in 3's.

They say things happen in 3's, well take a look at our list on the board! Me thinks the grumpy people need the KitKat with the tea!
I can say now that we have heating (just) and we can all safely go top the loo without water pouring through the floorboards! As for everything else.......... lets take a break!

Remember I said I was making something for mothers day gifts, well here are the little sweeties.

I did my first fayre of the year at the weekend and thought something new would be fun. I have a few books on crewel work and thought it was about time that I used their tutorials.

It seems a bit mean to stick pins in them, but so cute with this little play mobile elf!

I decided to make some new notebook covers as I was out of stock from Christmas.

They went down well, little girls adored them.

And as usual I made quite a few of these corsages. I never tire of making them, so many colour options, its endless!

With all this lovely sunny weather , it certainly inspires the imagination.

Enjoy the spring sunshine and have a bunch of daffs from me! x

If you want to have a go at making similar toadstools I made mine with a combination of this tutorial and a lot of help from this book!
Have fun.


Fabric Nation said…
Wow, these all look so lovely, especially the pincushions, they are really sweet.
Everything looks great, love the pin cushions and the corsages!!
Bring on the warm weather.....
Lauren Denney said…
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Lauren Denney said…
those mushroom pincushions are just wonderful. i love them.
Ragged Roses said…
Oh Emma I forgot to ask you how the oven was? Is it still not fixed? Can I offer you a kitkat?
I have to say that all your goodies are absolutely beautiful, even more beautiful in the flesh! Having seen all your gorgeous goodies firsthand I can safely say that they are all really really lovely. Didn't notice the elf on Saturday, was he hiding under a pincushion?
I love these pincushions.
Mushrooms, polka dots, oh you just can't go wrong with that combination.
And the wee cloth notes. All your creations are lovely.
Oh yes, isn't it lovely, the early days of spring?
Happy spring to you too.
Bairbre Aine
MelMel said…
What super pincushions!
How cute thay are!

Thank you for popping in...xx
Rubyred said…
Love the toadstool pin cushions,so sweet!
Rachel x

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