Birds seem to flock to my nest.

Oh dear, *stands up* My name is Emma and I am addicted to birds!
Above is my latest acquisition from a visit to Totnes, Devon. Not sure what its for but I have a feeling possible a candlestick holder.

I can't get enough of birds, any excuse to purchase or display one!

They turn up in all places in the home, on top of picture frames.......

...even driftwood can look like a bird!

Not sure what the T is there.....

My sister bought this for one of my birthdays from Stafford Shire Hall Museum Shop (good place to find excellent artists and makers), its so sweet!

More on picture frames!

This one has a bell in it so I know when little people are entering my special mummys sewing cupboard.

A lovely wedding pressie from the very talented Ragged Roses!

See, I think I have a problem, I wonder if there's a word for a bird collection?
Oh, Ive missed one...... just seen it out of the corner of my eye! Maybe I will post a pic another time!
On a different note, great new bloggers Ive been discovering out there. Go and say hello to them and enjoy!


Quinn said…
Perhaps the "T" is for Tufted Titmouse? That's what is looks a bit like to me. :)
Anonymous said…

i'm sure you will love these!
I have a slight obsession with birds too, ha! I love the display with the cotton reels above the picture frame, also I know what you mean about Shire Hall Gallery, I live near Stafford and always visit, they sell such lovely things! Have you seen Love Lee soaps on Etsy? They make little bird soaps:
Laura xx
Pinecone Camp said…
I'm with you! I adore birds too. Love your row of thread and your birdies. So sweet. Your blog is adorable.
carol at home said…
there is something very apealing about birds isn't there?
Tweet, tweet! Just flew in to say 'hi' - love the photos :)
LinenandRoses said…
Hi Emma, thanks for my welcome back message. Was very nervous to get started again. I've really missed being a part of it and am trying to get round visiting every blog I love at the moment. Love your bird collection. I'm really into sewing birds at the moment. I think it must be to do with having a nest of housemartins right next to the window of the room I sew in and watching the sweet little things coming in and out of the nest. Fiona x
Alchamillamolly said…
Hello can you ask you sister who the maker at the museum made the bird - I NEEEEEED one!!

Love your blog
As you can tell from the name, I LOVE birds too! I have a house full and probably spend more on wildbird food for the garden birds than I do on myself :). Lovely blog. xx

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