Making it!

A while ago I mentioned that I had been rather busy and new exciting things were on the horizon! Well, this is why!
I was given the opportunity to write a feature for a brand new magazine!

Making magazine is perfect for the kind of life we all lead at the moment. We find ourselves dipping in and out of projects, creating for the home and wanting to learn more!

I was asked to come up with 6 styles to give an old chair a new twist. Some are simple quick ideas, others will get your creative juices flowing!

Its a great new magazine with a website and forum too and I have enjoyed the experience, so go and buy a copy and let me know what you think!

This weekend has really seen a seasonal change. The leaves are turning, the air smells of fires and the sunsets are beautiful.

This time of year brings the Bentley Woodfair to this part of the world. As a family we go every year and look forward to it so much.
Having been brought up as a carpenters daughter wood features heavily in my life and this fair brings together everything, trade, craft and people that work with wood.

I love the owls they bring, such beautiful creatures.

He looks a hoot!

This owl had the most amazing HUGE eyes!

The boys also got to have ago at archery! The people who were helping were from a group that go around reenacting Robin Hood days, I quite fancy having ago at that one day!

Overall it was a lovely day and a must for anyone interested in going next year!

Right, I must get back to sewing, that chill in the evening air is a sure sign that we have the C word upon us! *whisper....Christmas!*


Anonymous said…
Yep - only 96 sleeps! Will definitely hunt out the magazine, it looks great.xx
sweetmyrtle said…
what a great feature ~ i bet you had fun coming up with ideas for it. we love archery, not that we are any good but it's fun and we are competitive (me and the man mostly). now i must order Making as CCKelly has a feature in it too and her profile pic i took!
happy week to you Em and congrats on the feature x
kjsutcliffe said…
I don't believe, I've just bought this magazine too!
monkeemoomoo said…
This magazine looks great. I love that dress on the front cover. Congratulations on your story.

The woodfair looks fun to. I love owls:)
JuicyFig said…
Well done you - what a buzz!

Unknown said…
Hi Emma,
This looks great - will go out and buy a copy!! Congratulations!! xxx
liset said…
How great to be a feature writer!! Looks like a great magazine too.

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