Citrus loveliness and chunky mustard snood!

For some considerable time I have coveted those gorgeous snoods, the kind you find in shops that you cant afford!
So when having a good clear out I discovered some chunky wool that I had bought over a year ago, had I bought it with a snood in mind?

Well it was crying out ''knit me!"

This was a project that had simple and quick all over it! With in 2 days I had knitted a long scarf and then joined it together to form a snood!

I cant tell you how easy it was, with chunky wool and massive needles you all can have one!

There seems to be a colour theme in this blog post, could it be the lack of that golden shine from the sky that has driven me to these hues?

My Mother rang me the other day to ask if I wanted some Seville Oranges as she had spotted them in the shops and it is Marmalade season.

Now, my mother gave me her preserving pan last year with the intention I think of passing on her wise preserving wisdom!

So far my experiences of making marmalade have not been very successful! Let me just ask you this, have you ever seen or tasted Lemon Golden Syrup!!?

Armed with the tools I headed off to be taught by the professional.....

I can now see where I possibly went wrong.........

After removing all the juice, pips and pith, slicing the oranges filled the kitchen with the most gorgeous citrus scent, heaven.

Due to so much chatting and giggling before all the preparation time was running out.....

I had to rush off to pick the monkeys up (smelling of the Mediterranean!) from school.
So unfortunately I left the marmalade in the good hands of the pro and hopefully I will be able to pick up jars next week of our tasty golden Marmalade!

At least I managed to finish one project!


Unknown said…
I love the first picture - those needles are fabby and I bet they knit up really quickly! Love the snood - they are great to wear aren't they!
I love the snood! I'm into knitting scarves at the moment but I've got some chunky wool somewhere so may have a go at one of these next - it will be even quicker than a scarf!
Thanks for the idea
Teresa x
LinenandRoses said…
The snood looks fantastic. I think I should try knitting with big needles and wool as I'm a very slow knitter. Might speed me up a bit. Hope the marmalade turns out well. Thanks for your recent comments re our new addition by the way. Been meaning to pop by here and say hello but as I'm sure you can guess life is a little hectic. But as it's Saturday I have been allowed some blogging time as Daddy is at home! :-)
Love the colour of the yarn! Don't you find it takes forver to start/finish a project for yourself? xx
ahomespunyear said…
Great snood! Noreen is doing loads of knitting...must post the scarf she's knit for me.
Your colours are fab...I've just made some lemon marmalade (I'm a complete novice) and luckily it turned out fine. I can almost smell all that citrus in your photos.
love, love, love the mustard yellow chunky wool scarf! so timeless...
Jill said…
What a lovely colourful post - very sunny makes you think of warmer things to come maybe! love the snood.
Jill said…
What a lovely colourful post - very sunny makes you think of warmer things to come maybe! love the snood.
Jill said…
What a lovely colourful post - very sunny makes you think of warmer things to come maybe! love the snood.
Fabulous colour and love your snood, though I never seem to be able to get them to sit right on me!
I'm knitting chunky garter stitch baby jackets at the moment, a real change from the 2 ply knits I did for mine when they were small. My daughter even got a jumper, matching cardi and pleated skirt!! I must have been mad.
hausfrau said…
I don't think my knitting is even up to a snood, but my marmalade skills are OK! I used to watch my Grandmother make preserves but have dropped her marmalade recipe in favour of Delia's 2 day version which doesn't seem as messy.

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