Ending the year on a High!

With the mad rush of the Open Houses I had little time to blog!
So much news yet so little time.
The start of the high was a return trip to our most favourite holiday destination!
If you haven't tried a FeatherDown Farm experience I strongly advice that you do.
We went in October (the same time of year as the last trip), the same place and even the same tent!
It was like coming home......
The boys settled in straight away to farm life...........

We went for walks and observed nature at its best......
I became obsessed with clouds at this point, so spectacular!

Fields, landscapes, trees, running free........

We collected and foraged like squirrels.......

Making nature fairies and pixies!
Life on the farm refreshes and renews those tired spirits, gets the batteries charged for the busy and crazy months ahead!

Talking of making, the next BIG high of the year was again to have another feature in this gorgeous magazine MAKING.
Look, my work is on the front cover!

I was asked to do 2 features, one on how to make fascinators .......

the photographer, model and editor have really made my work look stunning.....

.... and the second was to make a belt/sash.
I am very proud of this piece, it was so enjoyable to make and write.
I have put a few of the fascinators in my Folksy shop if you don't have the time to make one.
I hope to write more this year and would like to thank the team at Making for making a dream come true!

As the seasons go by the light and temperatures change.....

I was asked to exhibit at 5ftinf Open House and was given the challenge to make something new!
With a mass of shrunken jumpers I came up with the Lapet!
A Lapet you ask?
Its a kind of blanket for your lap!

Each blanket was lovingly created using recycled sweaters washed several times at a high temperature to give that felted texture. Then each one has been given that unique touch with a simple embroidery or embellishment.

They certainly kept me warm in that cold weather as I made them!
I will probably put some in the shop, thats if I can prize them off my lap!
In the run up to Christmas there were the Open Houses and school fairs galore, all very tiring but enticing us into creating that Christmas spirit!

The Christmas cake and wishes were secretly made......

... And what a perfectly white Christmas it was!

Walks were taken........ very large cat like foot prints were discovered, gulp!

Snow angels were tricky to make in hard frozen snow.......

The Sussex Downs looked stunning......

A perfect walk.......

..... to end on a high and to wish you all a .......
.....Happy New Year!


Happy New Year to all of you! Lovely photos Emma, could do with a lapette right now, will have to do with a cat...
Just Original said…
The fascinators are lovely if only I had an occassion to wear one!

Feather Down Farms is on my places to go this year, so hopefully fingers crossed I might get to chill out on the farm!

Vanessa x
Used-to-Bees said…
Oh I love 'Making' magazine! I was just looking at it this morning and thinking of including it in a blog post! Congratulations on getting your lovely work in there. I'm hoping my husband will remember he promised me a subsciption to it for Christmas!
Happy New Year Emma!
Love the idea of the farm, think Indigo would love that! The blankets and the other featured items look really good. I wanted to get up to the open house to see you and Phillipa but ended up manning the open house i was in most weekends so didn't get chance.
I'll be in one at five ways in May so should be able to pop across then.
Tracy x
Ragged Roses said…
"Did" is the operative word I'm afraid, just the strawberries and orange ones left now, fancy one?
ahomespunyear said…
Love everything you've made...the fascinators are gorgeous!
Wishing you a happy and creative New Year!
Margaret and Noreen

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