Sketching with my father

As my father has got older his sight has deteriorated quite quickly, to the point where he can only see through one eye. Its been quite a tough on him and has knocked his confidence a lot.
Ive been trying to find ways of cheering him up and easing the burden on my mum, so i suggested the other day that we both went out and did a bit of sketching.

Now as i suggested this i realised its been a long time since i sketched, sewing has taken over in my creative world and it dawned on me that i probably haven't sat down and sketched since my first child was born!

What had I suggested!

Dad loved painting and drawing, we were surrounded by his pictures as we grew up and I know that many of us have gained our artistic gene from him.
He has found it so had to draw and paint recently that I was worried the suggestion of our little trip would be a bit of a no go area....... wrong was I!
I turned up at my parents house the other day to be greeted by my father hunting out his sketch pads, pencils and sharpener!

So the day was booked.
That day was today.

We drove up to a quiet spot in Ditchling, found a bench, sipped on a flask of coffee, chatted and watched a storm over the Surrey hills.
I think we were both a little nervous to get our sketchbooks out, silly really!
Suddenly we were quiet, the birds tweeted, we were drawing...painting!
It felt so good!

I needed to capture this day on my camera as I know it was and will remain a special day for both of us.
Time spent with my dad, regaining the zeal to draw and paint, lunch out and plans hatched for our next drawing adventure is good for the soul and the spirit!

Go on, do something out of your comfort zone!


The last photo is a beautiful portrait of your father
Polly said…
What a wonderfully moving post - thank you for sharing your day together.

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