Candy sweet hair slide tutorial

Its been a while since I made some thing lovely with Jane Means ribbons and this led me to think about what my little nieces would like as a small gift.

Hair slides are always a great gift idea and these are so easy to make and shhh, no sewing involved either!
First cut a piece of ribbon about 10cm in length and dab a bit of glue in the centre.

 Then bring each end into the middle of the glue and allow to dry.

Add another dab of glue along the join .....

...and pinch!
For the centre of the candy bow, cut a small piece of the ribbon and attach to the other side of the pinched ribbon with a dab of glue.

 Bring it around and glue the end where you started!

Thats all you need to do for the simple little sweet bow hair slide, for the more traditional bow cut an extra piece of ribbon and snip the ends as below....

....add a dab of glue in the centre and fold.

Then add another bit of glue and stick on a sweet bow you made earlier!
All you need to do now is slide in a hair grip through the back of the loop that is the centre bit of the bow.

Jane has some gorgeous ribbons on her website which are ideal for this little project.
Ive used ribbon from her Stripe Grosgrain and Spotty Grosgrain collection .......

Top Row - Turquoise & Brown Grosgrain Stripe, Turquoise & Brown Dotty Grosgrain
Middle Row - Peppermint & Pink Grosgrain Stripe, Cream & Raspberry Dotty Grosgrain
Bottom Row - Pistachio & Pink Grosgrain Stripe, Raspberry & Grey Dotty Grosgrain

I could make so many of these, so much choice and addictive to make too!


Linda Walker said…
Very cute and pretty quick to make too. I love "instant gratification" DIY projects!
Unknown said…
Minhas filhas gostarĂ£o muito...

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