Hobbs House Chocolate brownies to die for!

 How lucky am I?
A couple of weeks ago I was sent a tray of Hobbs House Bakery Chocolate Brownies to sample and to let them have honest feedback in return.
When they arrived it was a very hot day and I had been out most of the morning, my postie had left the parcel in an empty black recycling box.... I was worried, was I going to open the box and find a hot chocolate goo?

No, instead inside the very well packaged Hobbs House box and sweet little wooden tray were perfectly formed, fudge like chocolate brownies that I can honestly say were utterly heavenly....
...as you can see from the boys faces they were transported to the very spot in my head and senses that the brownies had sent me!

My other dilemma was whether these gorgeous brownies would be consumed within seconds by these cake loving boys so I swiftly put them in the fridge so we could have a slice for pud later.

 Just look at that lovely fudge centre in the picture above, not too sweet either ...
...and the crumbly outer edge in the picture below!

The colder slices we consumed later and the next day were just as delicious, we managed to share the box amongst a few friends too.
My youngest took a slice to school and let his fellow pupils try (I think he took his role of taste tester very seriously!) they were delighted to say the least!
Hubby took some in to work and shared, some serious chocolate eating colleagues were impressed by the quality of chocolate used.

I was amazed at how far we managed to share this tray of brownies, the quantity and quality were just perfect and at a very reasonable £10.50 we will definitely be buying.
They are now available from their online shop and will be delivered to your door, perfect with a nice cup of tea!

Thank you Hobbs House team for letting us be your guinea pigs,  you have yet again come up trumps with high quality and locally produced food.

Now, I reckon that little tray can be reused as a seed tray for salad, what would you use yours for?


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