Crafting with children

When your child begs to be creative and have a go at a making their own version of their favourite character what can you say?

So on a rainy Sunday we set too at making a needle felted Totoro each whilst watching one of many Studio Ghibli films.  My son is addicted to these films at the moment, I found them rather irritating years ago but watching them with a child I have started to understand them in a different light.

Between us we managed to create two very different fluffy little Totoros, each with their own unique cuddly cuteness. Mine was smaller, plumper and has a rather worried look, his oozed happiness and innocence and stood taller, prouder!

There were times when both of us could have given up, points when it was just not going right, even moments where I was the student being taught on the exactness, the shape of the ears. Although needle felting is a craft I have taught many times, I love that I can come away having learnt something new but what made this mini workshop special was to spend some quality time with my youngest, both of us doing something we enjoy. 

Coming from a very creative background seems to run in the family and that in its self is a joy and a comfort that you are doing ok. 


These are great. Is it difficult to do. We stumbled on a workshop in an art gallery last weekend and it looked like fun but I have never tried it.
Wow, they are gorgeous! I adore those films even though my children are too old for them now!

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