A wedding commission - Ziggy the needle felted cat

Out of the blue I had the most wonderful needle felting commission so far, a groom requesting a surprise gift to his future wife of their gorgeous baby Ziggy, my first wedding commission!
Ziggy is a blind Balinese rescue cat that they both adore so very much and the groom wanted to give a needle felted version to his bride on the morning of their wedding. 

 With various secret squirrel emails and images being sent back and forth from the groom and myself,   dear Ziggy (who has his own Instagram account!) was created. Again, I know I say this a lot but as soon as his facial features were added I fell in love with dear Ziggy. He has such amazing features, colouring, big ears and even though he is blind, beautiful eyes; details I was so mindful to capture.

I couldn't wait for the morning of the wedding, imagining the bride opening the box seeing Ziggy's name stamped on top. Knowing that the bride loved my work it was a very nerve wrecking wait to see if she liked him.

A few days later I had the most lovely message form Becky the gorgeous bride, she loved him instantly! Me thinks the groom definitely earned some major brownie points and even though the real Ziggy couldn't be there in cat form at the wedding at least his mini me stood in for him bringing a lot of love to what looked like a magnificent day.....

.....oh and the real Ziggy, he loved him too!


imsovintage said…
He is gorgeous!! Both of them are!! You really outdid yourself!!
Emma Herian said…
Thank you @imsovintage x

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