Needle felting landscape workshop

Part of the four week needle felting workshop that I taught at the ArtStart Art Club in Lewes, Sussex was to create these wonderful landscape pictures. It was the second week after they had had their first lesson learning the basics, it gave the students a chance to practice their new skills and and free up a little before the final 2 weeks of the needle felted animal sessions. 

Using a variety of wool rovings in various colours, the texture of dyed Wensleydale curls and balls of fluffy knitting wool they really rose to the challenge and created some beautiful pieces of art work.

This has led me to ponder about how therapeutic this part of the course was and what each student got out of the process, which also made me think that its time to offer more workshops in landscapes. So if you feel like this would be something you'd be interested, drop me a line or leave a comment below and I will arrange some dates for the future!


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