Needle felted miniature animals

This little needle felted anteater was a special commission that came out of the miniature animals I make. He was based on a much loved toy that a child had adored when younger.

Ive been making miniature needle felted animals for a while, they are perfect little loveable woolly balls that sit perfectly in the palm of your hand. A while back I sold one of the hedgehogs I make with a heart on its chest to a lady especially for her daughter. She said that it gave so much comfort to her, a calming worry free item to hold and cherish when she needed reassurance.

This then led to a special miniature commission of their cute little dog for her other daughter, it’s such a tiny little dog that it makes my miniature look big!

The client has since gone on to commission me to make more miniatures for her and her friends, the anteater being one and this adorable much loved miniature greyhound.

I’m beginning to realise that we really do love our animals, ones that are close to us. Having a reminder of them when they are no longer with us is just as important and these miniature versions bring so much comfort when held in your hand. They would sit easily in a pocket, perfect to slip into, to hold and reassure you when worried.

So if you would like a commission or fancy one of the badger, hedgehogs or polar bears, pop over to my Etsy shop or DM me, I’m always open to commissions and these also make great gifts.


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