The Clangers say thank you to the nhs - YouTube animation

During lockdown I was commissioned to create a miniature needle felted anteater which reminded many people of a childhood tv programme called The Clangers, well one thing lead to another and I found myself making some Clangers!

Whilst making them I was thinking about all the amazing people, carer’s, nurses and doctors working on the frontline during the pandemic. Here in the UK we would stand outside on the street once a week and all clap and show our appreciation for their amazing bravery. The rainbow became a common sight in peoples windows thanking the NHS staff. I started making some rainbow brooches to go in my Etsy shop and was playing around with my Clanger characters.... which then led to creating a small animated film..... of the best bits was making little outfits for The Clangers!

All in all, it was great fun making the brooches and creating a short Thank You animation for the amazing people who have kept us safe. if you fancy checking out my latest needle felted animation, hop over to my YouTube channel or tap the YouTube image on the side panel which will take you directly to The Clangers film I made.



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